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Water intake does not help you lose weight?


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I find drinking more water before meals and throughout the day helps reduce my portion sizes - so in that respect from eating less calories - it should improve weight loss :)
as above, it suppresses my appetite a bit!
Whenever you feel hunger pangs you should always have water 1st in case it's thirst... as the above posts says, it suppresses your appetite x
Just cos it doesn't help weight loss doesn't mean its not good for you! Though too much can be bad for you.

As above, the signals your brain get for hunger & thirst are very similar so always best to drink a glass of water to make sure its not that first.
thanx ladies I shall carry on regardless , I am feeling much better for drinking more water, so it can't all be bad :D sipping away as type!!


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You are not drinking more water alone and expecting weight loss, you are doing SW! So yes the increase in water intake should help you to loose weight along side donig SW. Well done for a weight loss boost hehe
Personally I would be very interested in reading the full version of that study. How can 'watered down' water be better for you than pure water. The article makes out that water in it's purist form does not do anything but my guess would be that the people who didn't lose weight had diets that included very little or no vegetables. Water is brilliant IF used in conjunction with a healthy diet.
What survey, and by whom? Not much information there. And no way of checking whether it has been quoted accurately.

Not long ago there were a number of stories in the papers saying that wearing high heels was good for the legs, specifically the calves. Turned out that the study they were all quoting was referring to the relative measurements of heel height and calf width. That is, the height from the bottom to the top of your heel. Not the heels on shoes!!

Like so much journalism these days - they don't check things and they jump to conclusions!


It's the same as exercise, to lose weight through 'exercise alone' you'd have to exercise for HOURS at a time, but the things we do in life aren't all about weight loss. There's cardiovascular benefits, emotional benefits etc that have no impact on weight loss alone. Doesn't mean we should stop doing them.

The important word in that title is ALONE

" when water is consumed as an integral component of a food, it promotes satiety and decreases subsequent dietary intake, thus possibly working to prevent obesity," researchers from the University of Tokyo said.
They said it could be due to the fact that foods that contain water are also high in fibre and so make people feel more full after eating them.

Basically what that says is when you eat food containing a lot of water you feel fuller so don't eat *more* food on top of that. As opposed to eating something with less water, so less volume, so still being hungry and wanting more food.

Food containing a lot of water is... free/superfree food. This is just common sense and is in fact how SW works. Eating a potato (full of water) will fill you up. Eating a potato's worth of SW crisps (dried out carbohydrate) will not. End of.
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