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I'm really trying to drink loads (& bloody peeing loads too :mad:) but our water machine in work tastes a bit strange to me (dunno why), so do you think it would be ok to put some sugar free diluted juice in it to flavour it. I prefer that weak so would just be a splash?

Cheers, Kaz :flowers:
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I just cannot force myself to drink water, I always have sugar free squash - I have to force that down too if I`m honest and prob not drinking nearly enough but I`m just not a big drinker.

Squash will be fine xxXxxx
No not a big drinker myself, I always seem to forget. Well apart from when it comes to alcohol LOL

Think i'll get a bottle of squash later then! cheers
Haha I have to admit acl isn`t a problem for me either ;) :rolleyes::p

** ALC - Promise i`m not drunk already :rolleyes::ashamed0005:
heyyy you , i suggest squash it better then not drinking at all , i drink just water but i buy the big 2 litre bottles =] how much you drinking?


I will do this...
I'm not a big fan of drinking water but I find that if I refill a bottle of water at home and freeze it, when I take it work the next day it stays cooler while the ice melts - its good and it makes me drink it. You can get 1 calorie juice to add to water too - tastes quite nice. Is fizzy plain water more appealing to you? I find thats more easier to drink.
please can someone enlighten me,why have we got too drink so much water? Does it help with weight loss? x


I will do this...
In short - yeah. I never understood why until the doc explained why water was important - hopefully the good explanation (well good because I understood it!) helps you to!

Firstly, sometimes we don't recognise that our body wants fluid not food and water is the best to hydrate you - its the best moisturiser ever!lol

Now this is the bit that I found interesting - you should drink a big glass of water every time you eat because your stomach is like a garbage disposal. If you put food down a garbage disposal without turning the water tap on, it wouldn't work properly, it would grind and find it difficult to break down. Your stomach is like this - if you drink a big glass of water - you are going to digest your food better.

It made me drink more water anyway!lol

Plus - my skin is amazing since I did and once you get used to it, you don't pee as much and I start to want to drink more water.

Anytime I struggled to loose weight on my previous weightlosses (yoyo dieter here!), if I increased my water consumption (and making sure I was sticking to the plan) I would start loosing again.

Does that help? Hope so! xxx
Am not very good at the technical ways of putting things, (see my other threads for the evidence... teehee) but I have a problem with my lymphatic drainage system which is what I believe is what basically flushes all of the toxins out of your body by circulating it round your system till you 'finally' expel it if you get my drift.
Well I has some lymphtic draining massage done on my body to try and help and the therapist said that I should drink as much water as possible. Not only was it good for my complexion etc but it helped to shift the crap quicker .... teehee!

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