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Water Intake

I've put this here but I think the question can apply to those on CD/LT as well.

So I know we are supposed to have 4 litres of water a day (right? I was told 8 pints?)

how do you space it out? do you plan it i.e. half a pint every hour or so, or do you just drink it as and when and find it's enough?

the reason I ask is that today (my first day) I found it hard to drink THAT much water as well as the 4 packs - between 6am and now (almost 8pm) I've only managed 3 litres, got to drink another 1 in the next hour or so before I start falling asleep.

does it get easier to drink that amount?
or is each day a case of "right, gotta get on a drink it", as there's no way I feel thirsty enough at all to warrant drinking that much natually.
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Fighting Demons....
My LLC keeps repeating "little and often" and "to thirst". I personally am still working on getting the water intake right!

I think it's very much a trial and error thing.

B x


Gone fishing
Cambridge minimum water is just 4 pints, I thought LL had changed theirs to something similar:confused:

Don't LL say something like drink what feels comfortable, rather than give an amount?

Thought they did. Confused now (which is quite easy these days :D)
well both my LLC and the Handbook say 8pints/4 litres (cant remember which is says), and 2 friends of the family (my "aunt" and "uncle") who are now in the maintenance stage say they were drinking upward of 12 pints a day each, which to me is just :eek:

then again, for the time my "uncle" was doing it, he lost 6lbs a week, steadily, and lost his 3stone in only half the alloted time!

so maybe there is something to it!


Gone fishing
Is it an up to date book? I know CD is 4 pints, and LL was 4 Litres, but I thought I'd seen a message on here about how it had changed.

Will look for the message in a mo, but I've just looked on the LL site, and it says about drinking enough to be comfortable:confused:
hmm, well, I think I'll try and keep up the 4litres a day, at least until Friday's meeting, when I can ask the other guys what they do.

I'm sure I can drink a lot more while I'm at work, I just sorta got forgetful about it today, I was so preoccupied with when to make my shakes, soups, etc. I overlooked the water a lot.
I keep 4 x 1 ltr bottles filled with tap water in the fridge. I drink one before I leave for work, take two to work and have them on my desk and drink regularly then the last one I have when i get home.

I cant drink it out of a glass for some strange reason but if I have it in bottles, I manage just fine. I make sure I have 4 ltrs sometimes 5 per day.
Try and have the 4 litres

Hi Pete,
Hope your 1st day went well. LL have reduced the recommended amount of water. When I started in eb it was 4 litres as well as the soups/shakes. Now it's reduced and to include the soups/shakes.
However, when I did reduce the water the weight loss slowed down considerably.
I always drink the full amount every day. You get used to it and it soon becomes habit.
The water flavourings help too.
Good luck.


Fighting Demons....
Oh and dont forget, when you first start increasing the water intake you will be spending approximately 97% of your time going to the bathroom!!

But this will get better. Just grin and bear it honey!

B x

Minxy Mummy

Going, going, ........
The more water you drink, the more you will lose - I truly believe this. My Mum did LL and drank 10 - 12 pints a day and lost 5 - 6lbs a week. I have done 10 pints a day for my first week and I have lost 15lb! I space mine out using time, 1st one at 7am, then 9am, then 11, then 12, then 1, then 3, then 5, then 7, then 8, then 9. If i drink past 9pm I have to get up in the night for a pee!! :rolleyes:


Fighting Demons....
That's the logic I am trying to go with this week MM. To lose more weight, need to drink more water. It's about killing me. No matter how hard I try, can't get used to it! But I shall not give in. Oh no, I will not be beaten by water! I'm about 1 litre into the day. I have another litre on my desk.


B x
I agree the more you drink the more you lose, the first week I lost 6lbs and stuck to the 4 liters the week 2 & 3 I still had good loses but I wasnt drinking the much. However this week I drunk the 4lts again and I lost 5lbs. I think you should try to get 4 in!
I really do think the water is the critical success factor on these diets.

Last week, I stuck to plan (I'm on W8 - same sort of thing), but didn't drink very much water at all - and lost just 1lb this week.

Other than the water, there was not much difference in what packs I had and when I ate them - and the week before I lost 4lbs.

We have to have to have between 3 and 4 litres a day. I tend to stick with 4. I have my first litre before 11am, the next before 2pm, the next before 5pm and the last by 8pm.

Might try and increase to 5 litres see what happens to weight loss. :D

You do get used to it - but its the needing to be near a loo at all times that's the biggest issue.

LRO xx

Minxy Mummy

Going, going, ........
The hardest thing is the fact that once you get the feeling of needing a wee - YOU HAVE TO GET TO A TOILET!! There is no holding it! It reminds me of when I was in the late stages of preganancy! :D:D:D
So true...................

Why is it that on LL when a girl's got to go - a girl's got to go?
Suddenly........how come?
I've discovered loads of loos IMnever knew existed before LL!!
The same happens to me now as well, once I need to go, I GOTTA GO!
No holding it - I wonder why?

Maybe your body knows that there is still a load more water being "processed" and is simply HAS to make room for it?

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