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Water intoxication, please be aware of the risk


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Please dont think im preaching, but i just spotted a post in the CD where someone states they drink 3 litres of water in a 2 hour period. This is VERY dangerous, and can be fatal.

Im sure most of us have heard of water intoxication, so apologies to those of you who have, but if you havn't, then you have to know that drinking large quantities of water in a short space of time has killed a few people. We are all encouraged to drink lots of water on the meal replacements diets and there is absolutey no problem with this, as long as you space it out over the course of a day.

You can google water intoxication for more info or check the wiki
Water intoxication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I researched this as part of my degree and its overplayed too often imo.

A healthy adult can process a continual supply of 900ml of water per hour, which equates to around 20litres a day. It can also process a larger amount in one go, but not continually, so 3litres in 2hrs would be okay so long as its not 3litres every 2hrs day and night etc. Obviously those with kidney problems or those who have lost body salts (ie marathon runners or someone with severe tummy upsets) need specialist advice.
however I think Lyn posted a valuable point, someone on a vlcd did die recently directly because she had had too much water & it was splashed across all the tabloids, I expect she either hadn't heard of the risk or thought it was overplayed. It's worth being reminded


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Yeah ive read about a few people dying and its always playing on my mind as i usually drink 4-5 litres a day but do spread it out throught the whole day so hope this is ok. Ive always drank alot though even when not on vlcd i just get so thirsty.
very useful post from an old CDer i have know people to drink 7 litres aday.
this person had now stopped as members were advising her to cut that amount down.!

i always had 3-4 litres a day and that was enough lol x


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I drink 2 litres+ either filtered or bottled water as I can drink more if the water is room temperature. I can't imagine wanting to drink more than 3 !!!


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I drnk around 8-10litres a day, somtimes more. I simpy couldn't imagine only having 2-3, I'd be gasping!!! I've done this for about 14yrs now.


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wow you really drink 8-10 litres. are you sure thats not pints. lol. i thought my 5 was alot.
Wow, I struggle to drink 2 litres!! Doesn't help that I have a very weak bladder anyway, so when drinking 2 litres it sends me off to the loo all the time, which isn't all that practical at work!

Wish I could drink more though!


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8 - 10 LITRES? Seriously??? :eek: I wouldnt have thought that was good for you
It makes sure I am always hydrated properly, even my morning wee is light and not strong, and I dont need to drink during a workout as I dont need it. It means my bladder is used to holding large quantities and should reduce my risk of incontinence later. And I like it! It does no harm, I never go over the theoretical danger level of 20litres!

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