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Water theory?

When I first started on CD, I found the water the hardest part of it, and for the most part managed on 1.5-2 litres per day. It didn't seem to effect my weight-loss as I had a steady loss per week.
However, on my (latest) re-start I have been drinking between 3-3.5 litres per day and noticed the weight loss has been slower?
Could the extra water be contributing to this?
I know first time round I tried to up my water intake and I found it made no difference on the scales, so stayed at my 1.5-2 litres.
I'm going to try it again for this week and see if it has any effect.
Has anyone else noticed this?
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I think extra water for some people can affect their losses. I used to subscribe to the 'the more you drink, the more you shrink' mantra and I drank between 4 and 5 sometimes 6 litres a day. But this was wreaking havoc with my life (I wouldn't go out in the evening for fear of not hitting my water intake for that day :rolleyes: yes ridiculous).

I now drink about 3 litres a day sometimes 4 and it hasn't affected my losses at all. I'm pretty much consistently losing 4lbs a week and it has dropped a bit from the beginning but there is a lot less of me now :D. Maybe try drinking the recommended minimum amount this week and see if that has any affect on your loss.
I dont really think you need to drink all the water to increase losses ... an average person will get 50 % of their daily fluid requirements from the food they eat .. the rest from drink . So on a TFR diet you need to replace the fluid that you would normally get from food , which is why it is important to drink at least 2.5 litres a day . If you dont you can become dehyrated , constipated and also retain fluid more . ( sorry I am a nurse so do preach a bit !!)


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i never drink before my weigh in lol as a litre of water is around 1kg in weight but i suppose it really depends on the individual aswell.. i wouldnt drink toooo much as drinking too much water is not good for you either.. 6 litres is a lot lol x


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Also bear in mind your losses would have slowed down regardless of whether you drank more water or not!
I think the mantra "the more you drink, the more you shrink" is a terrible one and quite irresponsible. People have died from over consumption of fluids on vlcd, I remember the last time I did cd someone on a different vlcd diet, died from this, I cant remember how much water it was reported she was drinking but it was very large and diluted her bodies essential salts balance to a terminal level.

CD recommend a certain amount of water consumption to replace the water that we would normally get from our food consumption. I am motivated to hit this amount, because if I dont I find that it effects my bathroom visits, but I dont believe in any sense that the amount of fluid intake has impacted on any weight loss.

Best of luck on the diet,

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