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water water, how do you drink yours

i have managed to drink even more than normal today woo

had a litre bottle tap water in my work bag this morning that i had managed to finish before my shift

then had a 750ml bottle with lunch

grabbed 2 glasses of water as i picked kids up from childminders

and now working way through another litre and half before i go to bed

all in all about 3 litres of water without even trying today
and i never used to drink water, i feel so much healthier and my hair and skin feels fantastic, even the dry patches of excema i get sometimes are improving
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See I hate water

But have been drinking High juice, until I realized how many blooming calories are in it !!! Grrrrr
I'm lucky, I have my very own water cooler in my office at work...
So constantly filling up my plastic pint glass :D
[and peeing every 30 minutes or so!!]
Always add a bit of Robinson's no added sugar diluting juice to water since whatever I do I just can't hack the taste of pure water! xxxx


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Yep, I use robinsons too, either that or plain old water! A litre at the gym and then about 6 at work plus whatever I have at home. Peeing all the time! By the time I'm back at my desk I need to go again! X
Thats the problem, needing to pee all the time

especially when you have 2 children to look after, ahhh !!

thanks for the tip, will use no added sugar

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
i buy peach flavoured water in Aldis - comes in a 4 pack - lovely xx

i also buy the flavoured water in Tescos .
Is that low calorie then ? x
Yes, a lot of flavoured waters are. A lot lower calories than diluting juice, but not as cheap. So to save 20 calories a day I don't think it's worth it.
Will have a look. To be honest, I like sparkling drinks as the Gassyness fills me up and I eat less ....

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
thats a good idea

Am just going to have a look at ASDA when I go tommorow night ! x
I drink around 4 litres water every day....I add lemon/lime or orange slices to it.....or a herbal teabag to infuse........also mint and you can add cucumber too :):)
Adventurous !!
chopped strawberries and mint are nice too...then after you have drunk your water you have the option of munchin straightaway on fruit or adding them to a low fat yogurt


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Just take care to check the labels on some of the flavoured waters, some, (volvic/evian I think) have unreal amounts of calories in them!

I add Robinsons to mine - or whatever other low calorie cordial happens to be on offer!!
Robinsons no added sugar and MacB flavoured water. Usually have 2 large pint glasses of diluting juice a day and one or two bottles of the flavoured water.
im improving my water intake, i cant stand plain water or fizzy water, but i have bought the small bottles and i am finding i stomach the plain water a lot easier that way. x

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