water,water,water driving me mad


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hi again
the cdc said i must drink at least 2 litres of water a day,this i must say is loads i have a weak bladder as it is and have to have a wee 20 million times a day as it is,but since i have been talking to you lovely people on here i must of had about 5 wees,and i dont think i even have 2 litres of water a day.
this is what i have been doing having a mug of water as soon as i get up having my milkshake,then another cup of water,then maybe one in the morning then another cup before my lunch shake,then my shake then another cup of water,then maybe one in the afternoon,another cup of water then my tea time shake then another cup of water.
probably not enough but that all i have.
how much do you all drink
4 ltrs a day minimum for me!!!! It helps me with hunger pangs, and also helps weight loss, if I go to 2 i feel grotty! Water is a massive thing in this diet!
I drink between 4 and 5. I really like water so it is not a problem. I most likely drank about that in sweet tea before CD so it wasnt too much of a hardship to switch to water. I do know where you are coming from..I to am in the bathroom all the time. Thank god I convinced my ever so tight boyfriend to splurge on nice loo roll! Dont want to chafe...:p
you all drink so much,iam not a good drinker as it is,and before i started the cd i didnt use to drink anything untill as lease lunch time,so iam doing great progress i guess,but need to do better,hope the trips to the loo get less
hi vicky
4 that is alot dont you need the loo all the time.
i see the writing in pink on your posts,are you at goal now

I did need the loo all the time at first, however my body got used to it and although it is more frequent than b4 cd its not half as bad as it was when I started!

I am at my Sole source goal, as of 2 weeks ago, and am working up the stages, any more weight loss is a bonus for me now, for me at the moment its more a case of introducing maitenence and following the stages correctly, Dont want to regain the 5 stone I have lost!
If I can lose a few more lbs then thats great but my focus is now never ever putting the weight back on.
I do need to sort my signature out to show what Ive lost but Im a techno phobe and always make a mess of it lol!!!!
On CD, the minimum you should be drinking is 2 1/2 litres a day (LL state 4 - which is the very least that I drink - it's usually 6-7 litres).

It's hard at first but you soon get used to it!
it does get easier....I'm having half hot, half cold so it's nice and warm and easy to get down. make sure you always have water with you and that you make sure you drink it regularly....for example, try giving yourself a pint each hour on the hour and have it finished within that hour. Your bladder will get used to it more...promise. Talk about good bladder exercise!! hee hee!:D
Hi Kirsty:D

I drink between 4 and 6 litres a day and like a lot of us have said....you do get used to it and the weeing settles down:D

ok i will give it a try,mind you only had one cup of water today and on my second now,how many cups of water a day do you think would be say 4-6 litres
My lovely CDC had the best idea ever. Get 8 x 50 ml bottles of water and put them on the bench. As I drink each one i move the empty bottle to a different part of the bench so i can instantly see how much I've drunk and how much left to drink when I'm aiming for 4 litres. Only bought the bottles once then use tap water each day.

Best tip I was ever given. Thanks Isobel

Irene xx