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water worry ?


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i think there is a limit on water hunnie


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It can be dangerous to drink too much water. you could lose all of your vital salts etc


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I would try and knock a couple of litres on the head hon...too much water can make you very ill. You will still have fantastic losses with 4 to 5 litres a day.
when i went of cd for a week to spain i drank feck all water..all that went past my lips was vodka and redbull!

Im drinking 5litres a day its a huge amount 7 i think is a bit ott perhaps?
hmmm i know... i was just so thirsty yesterday, i did space it out though.. even if i am thirsty for more than 5 litres now do you think i should just not drink any?

oh and i had 2 pints of doc pep zero too :)

only had 3.5 so far today...
well it was hot these past few days so maybe thats why your thirsty. I would prob stick at 5 5.5tbh. Ive one more litre to drink to have 5in me!!
i got a 1.5 litre bottle now, but i know it will be all gone come 8pm:( so that makes 5 litres.. omg
I believe the kidneys can cope with 12 litres of water per day providing it is spaced out. problems occur when you drink lots of water at once

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