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    I had a small blip last night and from previous reading/advice, have been guzzling water all morning. Am now at 4.5 litres already!!

    Does anyone know if this will help retain ketosis or is it just something to keep away hunger from the food of the previous day?

    I can drink water easily, but dont want to over do it.

    I am still feeling cold, although it is a warm sunny day outside, so I am assuming I am in ketosis still.

    The scales did show a 3lb increase this morning so worried I may have filled the glycogen store:cry:

    Any thoughts/comments?
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  3. Bigmama2littlemama

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    Did you weigh after guzzling the water, as a pint of water weighs around a pound.

    I think the extra water may just take the hunger away, I dont know if it helps with the ketosis.

    Bm2lm xx
  4. kazbro

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    is there such a thing as to much water then
    i have had 3 pints so far even though the book says a minimum of 4 pints can you have more?
    i am aiming for at least 6 pints a day and 1 black coffee
    aswell as the shakes
    is this good?
  5. Bekie

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    Yes you can have too much because the water essentially gets rid of all the vitamins and minerals from the packs leaving you feeling very ill really. Its not always a good idea to drink too much... but a few people on here drink 6litres a day and have no problems. I do think you have to drink a fair amount for you to feel any ill effects from it

  6. Sunflowers

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    Hiya! From a medical perspective it is possible to drink too much water!! To the extreme, it was on the news last year that someone committed suicide by drinking 8litres straight, mucked up the minerals in his body completely..


    Take it by your own feelings though! Personally I wouldn't drink more than 4litres in a day!
  7. lahodges87

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    hey as everyone else says i u drink too mch water u flush out the vits etc from the shakes and all but if u dnt drink too much (still over the stated min amount tho) it helps to fluh the ketones out of your body that u produce when u are on ketosis...and thats a good things help the weightlss muchoness!! (I THINK lol) hopefully i well informed cdc will come alond and let u no

  8. Coley

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    Yup...you can drink too much water, you can get water intoxication, see here: Water intoxication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It's not that it flushes out the vits and minerals, it's the little ions in your body called electrolytes.

    The best way to avoid this is to drink in small sips and not massive glups.

    I'd advise my ladies, 4 litres and my chaps 6 litres, but not much more than that.

    I don't count water or coffee because of the caffine - which makes it a diuretic which is just no good for water intake.

    Water does help you stop feeling hungry - people in the normal world eating normal food often mistake being hungry for being thirsty. Water is good stuff, fills up your tum :)

    Bad idea to look at the scales!! ok...you might have gained some glycogen, but as some have already said, did you hop on after drinking water? a litre weighs about 2.2lbs!!

    Don't panic, sounds like you're still in ketosis with the cold. Just keep going...you'll be fine!!

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