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2-3litres on a good day
weekends are hardest
Especially when someone keeps helping himself to MY fizzy water


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3l is a good amount, I usually do between 3 and 4 and used to do up to 6 a day before I discovered I liked black coffee and am now developing a taste for different teas which I can drink black too so my water intake has dropped a little but have just had a bottle of expensive fizzy stuff as a treat tonight so think I have definitely hit 3l today.
Bren xx
im still not at the stage of liking black coffee took the kids to mathiesons for lunch in our local shopping centre today and got myself a bottle of water and black coffee just to try but couldnt drink it. maybe as the weeks go by ill develop a liking it would be nice to have an alternative from water. I did discover earlier as i was treating myself to a can of cola zero had one last week and didnt do any harm as i took my first drink i was nearly sick at the taste and bubbles, now this is unbelievable as just a week and a half ago i was a diet juice junkie. Its very strange how our tastes and cravings change very quickly. I will also admit to a few slips the past 2 days nothing major and once i had even eaten before i realised what i had done im hoping this is just totm problems as i feel bad with myself but tomorrow is a new day and i have 4 full days till weigh in so will hopefully still see a little loss. sorry went a bit off trach but this is kinda like my exante confessional so my sins are behind me lol. Anyway i hope everyone else is doing well!!
Probably about 2-2.5 litres usually for me, which is less than recommended, but I do dilute my packs down more (shakes are 2 lots of 3-400ml and soups are about 4-500ml usually).

Don't drink tea or coffee so most of the time the water is all I have. I did try my bouillion this week though, but that was more of a snack than a drink in my head! :eek:
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usually 3ish, sometimes more, sometimes less. The thing about drinking more water increasing weight loss is more anecdotal rather than factual - I couldn't tell you how true that is.

much like pregnancy, there's a lot of myths, rumours and anecdotes circulated about VLCDs which if said often enough develop a grain of 'truth' (if enough people tell you, it must be true!). However when you try and scratch under the surface, there's no scientific base for much of it at all.

You need to drink lots of water on a VLCD because 1) you need to flush out your system, and a VLCD has diuretic properties for this reason; and 2) you are not getting water from food. It's good for you. Some people believe water fills you up. I think that's bunkum. I just feel full of water. But it's a quite a good distraction.

However will it assist weight loss? Jury's out on that one. But in any event, it's not a bad thing to do in itself...
My aim every day is to at least have 2 litres but on top of that I drink a lot of black coffee and green tea so I think that probably helps too!


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If you do not drink enough water to keep your body hydrated then it will try to hold onto what it has. That could be why it is thought that drinking more aids weight loss?

I am 100% aware now that prior to doing this, I never drank enough water during the day, especially during warm weather when my ankles would swell up.

Anyhow, I do at least 2.5-3lt during the week at work as I am lucky to have a water cooler in my office. At the weekend, I do have to be more aware and need to carry a 500ml bottle around with me if I go out as a reminder.

Love Myr xxx


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I go by the amount that makes me pee clear - then I know I'm completely hydrated. 3-4 litres for me.

I think the theory about water and weight loss might be that ketones are water-soluble. So if you drink enough water, you wash them out in your pee before your body can use them as fuel. And then you need to break down more fat for more fuel. I wouldn't be my life on that though!


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I think the theory about water and weight loss might be that ketones are water-soluble. So if you drink enough water, you wash them out in your pee before your body can use them as fuel.
Just so you know Maia, ketones are a by-product produced when the body is burning its own fat. They are not a fuel. ;)

Love Myr xxx

In short - ketones are a by-product of fat burning, and are a good thing. Your brain uses them as fuel in place of carbohydrate as it cannot metabolise fat*, and they act to suppress hunger (which is why after a week, you can survive on 600cal a day without wanting to gnaw your own arm off). The rest of your body runs on the fat metabolism itself. However too many ketones accumulating in the system are not a good thing, so the body seeks to flush them out periodically.

I take the point about water retention, but as you can only lose the weight as a result of retained water once, it's still moot as to whether more water = more weight loss, in the longer term.

So, in a way, everyone's right. A bit.

* which is why ketosis + alcohol + no carbs = stops ketosis with no other fuel source in it's place = blacking out.
I drink about 3 litres/day plus tea and coffee. Its harder to drink enough water at the weekends and this is when I find the diet the hardest so I do allow myself a diet coke when I am crawling the walls.........
Ahhh. Best opt for 'coke zero' rather than diet coke.

there is a minor difference in one of the ingredients - Citric acid apparently interferes with ketosis.

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