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  1. lilyflower3

    lilyflower3 Member

    i have been a member on here for a few months but dont really post. i started off on LL but canged to cambridge 2 wks in (lost 13lbs whilst on LL) changed over cos it was more convenient and half the price with more choice. anyway i have lost 2 stone now but finding it very hard to stick to the diet and i end up eating most days, although i dont feel hungry so i think its prob the texture of food more than anything. anyway i have gone completely off the track here, my cdc says that the diet only requires 4 pints of water which is considerably less than LL i am wondering now if she is wrong with that an could that be why i am tending to pick at food.... would love some advice to hopefully get me back on track..

    claire :break_diet:
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  3. julesrush

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    The 4 pints is the minimum amount of water you should be having so your cdc is correct, you can always try increasing this to see if it helps, if you find yourself picking constantly it might be worth having a chat with your cdc about possibly moving upto the 790 plan so that you can eat each day.

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    I don't think 4 pints enough - but everybody is different

    On my first attempt (and on this one) I had 6 litres a day - but I am a guy!!
  5. the minimum is either 2 & 1/4 litres or 2 & 1/2 litres but most people have at least 4 LITRES and I believe that the Cambridge People are set to amend their booklets to show this (one day).
  6. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    hi lily I changed over to CD from LL and I've just stuck with the 8 pints a day. I think the more you drink the better the diet will work...good luck!
  7. lilyflower3

    lilyflower3 Member


    thanks for the replys, i think i just need a really good kick up the bum, i want to lose about another three an half stone preferably before xmas. i guess the only way im gonna do it is to be firm with myself an also up the water too. i am getting quite a few headaches too i wonder if that is connected.

  8. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    It could be connected hun, it's important that you have enough water and there is a thread somewhere from one of the CDC's on here, it makes good reading...I'll try my best to dig out the thread for you to read.

    xx sj xx
  9. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

  10. lilyflower3

    lilyflower3 Member

    hi sophia jo

    thanks for that i have just read it quickly but will read it again later once my little girl has gone to bed. i started on the 14 july and was similar weight to you too, i have lost 2 stone my weigh day is thursday so see what this wk brings. how much water do you drink? and do you have the bars? just wondering as you have had good loses throughout your time on the plan...

    claire x
  11. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Hi Claire,

    wow, we are very similar aren't we?? :)

    I did used to have the bars but I hate them now, same as all the other packs apart from the TETRA PACKS.

    I try to drink 4 litres of water each day but have been lagging behind with it lately. I'm either out and about and don't want to drink incase there is no toilet handy or when at home I forget sometimes. I found it difficult to drink that much water when I first started as I've never been a big drinker, just had one with my meals. So, I need to get back up on my water intake. I believe that the bars can slow some peoples weight loss down, and that's why only one per day is allowed. I don't think it altered my weight loss though.

    oOOhhh hun, it'll be our AAM week soon, :D do you enjoy aam week?? I was very scared to do it at first incase I couldn't get back to soul source...but I loved it, omg, food tasted sooooooooooooo good :D

    Hope you're doing ok. How old is your little girl? Mine is almost 3.

    xx sj xx
  12. lilyflower3

    lilyflower3 Member

    my little madam was 2 on 2nd july, terrible 2s....... aarrgghh

    officially i havent had aam week my cdc hasnt told me to. she did say at the begining if people pick then they arent allowed to do the aam wk. not sure if it should be next wk i have just lost count. i wish i could just get back into it like i did at the start and have good loses again. i start a part time college course next wk in beauty therapy so i feel positive about things an with the 2 stone loss i was feeling good but now i keep having guilt trips about picking naughty food. (i have a bar of galaxy chocolate in the cupboard an it keeps calling my name). you seem to be on the right track with the diet an always offer good advice. im gonna keep looking for your posts an hope it will help me sort myself out.

    claire x
  13. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    aaaw Claire, how sweet of you to say.

    Hun, about the chocolate, can't you give it to someone or even have your other half HIDE IT in a really good hiding place? It's far too tempting to have things like that in your face every time you open the cupboard. A favourite of mine is DOLLY MIXTURES, I could eat 3 packs of them a day, Tesco ones are delish, but prefer Asdas, and the bags are bigger from there too :eek: oooops, I need a tissue, I'm drooling.
    ANyways, my little girl has a big tub of Dolly M's in the cupboard and I take some out for her every now and then, and I have had to put them up above high in the cupboard coz I nearly go crazy each time I see them, it's bloomin torture.
    I know that it must be EXTREEEEMELY hard to ss after picking. I am terrified of cheating even with a bit of broccolli coz I know I won't stop at that. The only time I eat is aam week and I know if I eat anything that I shouldn't then that will be it for me.
    I wrote my thoughts down in my diary I think, I wrote about knowing that I'd lose this weight eventually so why not do it now so I'll get the most time out of being slim...and also, when times have been hard on CD I thought....well, if I come off cd will I be able to eat healthy and not go mad with food again??? The answer was NO, so I have to stick to CD until I reach goal. It has helped me in the past, who knows what tomorrow brings, never say never, I only hope that I continue as I am doing and get to goal.

    I do hope that you have a long hard think about picking at naughty food, it's just not worth it hun, it really isnt. I think though that you should do aam week very soon because you are depriving yourself of it and maybe that's the reason that you keep picking. I'm certainly no expert and I personally would advise you to start a brand new thread asking the CDC's on here to advise on whether or not you can have add a meal after your next weigh in. I have just under 2 weeks til my next aam week. I'm not saying to ignore what your cdc said about picking but just ask the Q. on here and be honest about what you have picked on so you get a true opinion from the CDC's who reply to you.

    I wish you tons of luck Claire, it's extremely hard, but you know what darlin?? We, the both of us, could be at goal by Christmas!!! Just remember that, and if you get a chance take a look at the CLOTHES FOR MOTIVATION thread, there is a link to it on the first page of my Diary (see diary link below) and go find yourself some pictures of lovely clothes to post on there, I'll look forward to viewing them.

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