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its very important to drink the water hun if you don't u may feel weak and dizzy. they say coffee counts but coffee is a natural dehydrater so i wouldn't count it.
to get water in try either filling a 2ltr bottle of water and having it at your desk at work and keep sipping it. (you will be amazed how quick it goes) or fill one of those litre bottles you can get avian i think do one its round and fat or a 500ml one and take it every where you go. 2 of the ltr ones 4 of the 500ml.
you will get used to the taste of water and start to like it.
if you are struggling your cdc can sell you some water flavouring.


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I have the summer berry flavour and have it with sparkling water at home - I can drink a pint or 2 or that. But at work I just never think about it. I have never drunk enough water and used to get headaches because of it.

I have a bottle, I will go fill it and force myself to drink! :D:D
yeah hun you need to force yourself. before starting cd i never drank water and my legs and arms started to hurt constantly and i was soooo tired everything was a struggle. then i started drinking more water and almost straight away i feel better.


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Get one of those Evian squeezy bottles and keep re-filling it and keep it with you ALL THE TIME!!! lol
Just the odd sip here and there will all add up but you do need it. I didn't have as much as i should have this morning and started feeling dizzy - i've had a couple of pints now and feel better. Keep on sipping!!
Think of it this way, when you're dashing to the loo every two minutes you're peeing away liquid fat!! lol


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Liquid fat - love it - lol.
i find it soo hard to drink i never think to drink even when not on cambridge i have a botle of water attached to me at all times and before i have each meal i down half a glass of water... its hard and i hate running to the loo all the time but at least running to the loo is more exercise! lol!
You need to drink to shrink!! flushes out all bad toxins and helps you lose weight! Keep drinking the water!!

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