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can drinking to mutch water

to quickly give you a terrible headache :(

i drank 2 litres yesterday morning and by dinner time i was in agony eyes banging feeling sick

just wondering if its a coincidence :confused:
I wouldn't have thought so for a minute.

2 litres is actually the minimum you should be drinking.

its happened a few times -i try and have 4 to 5 litres a day now

as last week id let the water drinking slip and only lost a 1Lb *grrrrrr*

im gonna see what happens today

yesterday i drank a litre within like 10 mins and the throbbin started :(
use a straw and just drink slowly through the day, i try aim for 2ltrs befre 11am, then another 2ltrs before 3pm, and the last 2 after that, i was only on 4ltr a day until last friday and it was reading all about the 6ltr brigade in here lol that made me try to go for more, of course im peeing past myself again but that will adjust,
I've been looking at other people's posts regarding water. The general consensus seems to be that the more you drink the more you lose. But have also read that drinking it too quickly defeats the object as it just goes "straight through you!".

I would imagine drinking very cold water quickly could give you a headache (like ice cream can in some people)

Whether I'm at home, work or in the car - I have a 1 ltr sports bottle next to me which I sip from all day. I tend to get through about 5 ltrs a day (more when I'm working night shift)

Since I started I've had lots of compliments on how good my skin is looking (none yet to say I look like I've lost weight LOL:rolleyes: )
Drink slowly throughout the day. I always drink the water warm now from the kettle (I fill the kettle to the top, then drink it down as it is cooling with flavourings). You need to drink regularly so I try to drink a cup of cooling water each half hour through the day, but I don't gulp it, I sip it until it is empty and then start all over again.

Good luck with it.