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  1. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Well-Known Member

    What drinks do you have on stw? I plan having at least 3 litres a day but 3 litres of plain water is a bit daunting. I have some orange flavouring left over from Cambridge diet days but I'm a bit worried about what I will have when that's gone. Any ideas anyone?
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  3. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Well-Known Member

    I am just drinking plain old water. Am aiming for 2 litres - can manage 4 pints no problem as day. Other than that I am going to have my normal coffee and mint tea. At least it is fluid, even if it isn't ordinary water.

    I find a pint of water at breakfast, lunch and tea goes down quite easily with another pint at some point during the day.

    Charlie xx
  4. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Well-Known Member

    At Lighterlife we were told that it was ok to have coke zero. I might give that a try. My cold drink is usually caffeine free Pepsi but it's got citric acid in so it's not allowed cos citric acid brings you out of ketosis. x
  5. Tas

    Tas Member

    I need to ask, if I don't drink enough water but am on vlcd, will I still lose weight? I have a medical problem with my bladder, am due to have an op soon.
    So I can't drink a lot of water, as it doesn't all pass through and then causes me a lot of pain. Am on 2nd day of diet and it's just the water that is a problem.

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