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  1. goldengirl

    goldengirl Well-Known Member

    In my haste to get the shakes from the Chemist, i forgot to ask about water, i think it was 3litres from the last time i did it.

    is it still the same?
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  3. kered

    kered Well-Known Member

    Its a minimum of 2 litres, but I always drank 3.
  4. goldengirl

    goldengirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply....i told the woman at chemist that i remembered how to do it.....its only when i started drinking that i thought OOOOOOh have i got it right!!!
  5. kered

    kered Well-Known Member

    As long as you have 2 litres you will be fine, but the loss seems a little higher the more water.
    Are you looking forward to starting again?
  6. goldengirl

    goldengirl Well-Known Member

    I am actually.....which is strange.

    i was going to wait until Monday to start, but feel really motivated so have started today

    i know its hard going and that the first week is tricky (real hard), but i'm, really spurred on. also i was away last week and am sick of eating, which is a strange thing to say i know.....but we ate and drank that much, i could do with a break.

    you have done really well, how long where you on it for?
  7. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    Hey golden girl and welcome :)

    Water like kred said is minimum 2ltrs - im on about 4ltrs a day and my wl is consistent and am chuffed with it so far :)

    How long are you planning on sticking on LT?
  8. kered

    kered Well-Known Member

    Thats super that you feel motivated to start straight away, and at least you know what you are letting yourself in for over the first few days.
    I know what you mean about sick of eating, I was like that when I did a refeed at the end of Feb, I was glad to get back on lipotrim.

    I started around Jan 8th and I finished TFR at the end of March, so I was pretty pleased with the losses which averaged around 4lb per week.
  9. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    Hi love well done for starting today!

    Mondays are always a rubbish day to start a deit and 70% fail would you believe!!

  10. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Well done for jumping back on board. I'm also having about 3-4litres of water a day and seem to lose on average 4lbs a week. The more I drink the better for my losses. Good luck and stay strong.

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