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you really do need the water as food is mainly made up of 70% fluid ... can you add extra water to your shakes ? that way atleast your getting more ?

keep a 1 litre sports bottle with you and slip on it thoughtout the day your be supprised how much you can drink

water is the key to this diet see it as medicine you have to have it !


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make your shakes with extra water, munch on ice, add ice to shakes, water down tetras and don't eat bars. I hate water too but force it down.


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I felt exactly the same way as you about the water - but the sport top bottle is a godsend - if it wasn't for these bottles I wouldn't get through the water. I've also started to drink sparkling water - just for a bit of variety!! I add the flavourings to the sparkling water so it's just like pop!!

Good luck!



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I find i can drink more if I use a straw.......it's not such a struggle to deal with the volume we have to drink. Worth a go!!
I felt exactly the same way as you about the water - but the sport top bottle is a godsend
Agreed! Luckily I work from home, I bought a 24 pack of water from Makro and saved some of the bottles. I just drink one, top it straight back up from the tap and put it in the fridge, so I've always got a handy supply of cold water.


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My tips would be:
Use a 1 litre sports bottle to drink from during the day (at work) I try and get though 2
Drink the water room temperature (for some reason makes it easier)
Don't try and drink large quantities in one go (generally sip througout the day)
How about freezing the flavoured water into icepops.

Not much else to say, but be thankful you aren't on Ligherlife, they are made to drink 4 litres a day.


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I'm not much help. I clicked to read on this because I am struggling getting all my water in and I'm looking for suggestions. I think i'll try the straw.

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