Mad As A Hatter
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Hey guys :D

Im berri anyone wandered into the reductil forum wouldnt of missed me over there... but seeing as reductil has now been banned in europe :confused: ive been shifted over to Xenical..

So i come to add my madness to your lovely forum.. please dont believe what they say about me in the reductil forum im sweet and lovely and charming... and in no way am insane or prone to falling into muffins :eek:

oh and i start xenical on thursday.. *wonders if she needs adult nappies*

Berri xx
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Go on smile! =)
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Welcome strawberri! I'm sure you're a lovely person :)


Mostly harmless
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Hi Berri! Welcome to the Xenical forum! :D

Just be wary of your fat intake with xenical and you should be fine. Some people have no side effects. I'm not so fortunate but then it's really own fault.

Just be aware that if you do take in too much fat (I think it's supposed to be a limit of 15g per meal but someone correct me if I'm wrong) than you might have side effects and that it's best to head to the nearest loo if you feel the urge! :p
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Hi and welcome Berri

I have only recently started Xenical myself and it has been a successful beginning for me. I have been very fortunate not to need the adult diapers and have tried hard to watch my fat intake.

I wish you every success on this medication as you have had on the reductil.

Best of luck xx


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im am sure that you will find just as many nutters over here as anywhere else, so im sure everyone from there will fit in nicely once settled in!!

hope things are going well and your first day isnt too scary....