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Alway see the love x
Hellooooooooo :D

Im here at last!
Been away from the site for a while due to "Home stuffs" but have kept up with the low carbing. Ive not lost nor gained which is so, so but Im happy with that.... Did pop back after loosing password only to loose it again. DOH! Blonde moment!

Nice to see your all here and plenty of new faces, I hope Jim Jim has been behaving himself ;) lol

Im off to catch up on the old threads which I have missed :(

So, new password has been saved so not to loose my little life line again...

So, whats new, pussy cats? Have I missed much?

Woofy x x x
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Nice to see you back Woofy!

I put mine on auto log in, I can't abide typing passwords left right and centre.

Not sure if there is anything new, we are just plodding along as usual :)
Hi Woofy, glad your back. I've been on about two weeks and really enjoying the support and tips.

Jim has been behaving but I sense he's smouldering underneath!!!
Woof a big welcome back
Life for me is going in the right direction and im slowley loosing
Jims been his normal angel like self
Your right theres lots of new faces and there seams to be lots of X Cd dieters joined us, just like me xxx
Hi woofy, nice to see you back love. :wavey:


Alway see the love x

Wheres Sarah and Sukie? Still about I hope..... :D
Been out shopping today and have yet had time to catch up on the old threads....

Oh its so good to be back and to also here "The Hot Blooded Jim Jim" has been a gooood boy ;)


Woofy X
well not THAT good woofkins.

Sarah is still around Sukie has moved back on to CD or something I think.


Alway see the love x
Ello my ickle Love muffin ; O )

So you have been "sort" of good....lol Oh its good to be a nawty boy now and then ; o )

Sukie gone, oh! LL she use to do so maybe shes moved back to that.. I bet Sarah has shrunk, just seen her loses on the thread and her new pictures, Foxy lady!!!!!!!!!

It looks nice and busy on here which is cracking!!! Plus lots of new bloody :wavey:hello :D

(Whispers.... any men Oi! Oi! ;) :D )

Woofy X
Yep loads of new people around woofy.


Alway see the love x

DITZEEEEEEEE..... Where is every1? Jim`s Angels.....

Good to be back, isnt it. I havent a clue if the K fairy is with me as yet, will pull the pee stix out 2m, fingers crossed.....

Woofy X


Alway see the love x
Another thread??? Am I missing out on something?
Its not The *SWINGERS* thread again, is it? ;o) lol

Woofy X


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Woofy & Ditzy, nice to see you both back. I haven't been around the last week or so, but trying to get back on more regularly.

Hi to all the newbies as well! There are too many of you to say hi individually.


Alway see the love x

Looking gooooood, hunni!

You still doing the shakes and an evening low carb meal? Your pictures are fab, babes..... Hows the doggy?

Woofy X
ah yes the Atkins piggies thread. LOL OINK OINK!

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