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We can but try....................


will try harder !!
This is something I've never done and hopefully keeping a diary might help.

I'm gonna try to be as honest as I can, mainly because thats a key thing for me, kidding myself that I haven't really eaten too much, that I don't look as heavy as I really am - and I really must be one of these people you hear about with heavy bones !!

My diet of choice is CD, as for me to stick to it i need to see results, I'm not committing to losing everything on it, but am taking it one week at a time. I have an amazing friend on the journey with me and would appreciate the advice anyone on the same journey can offer.

I've just completed week one - and pretty much managed not to cheat !! ok ok honesty, I drank coke zero and I struggled with drinking the water, but I managed a cracking 14.5lbs, which was fab.

However since WI on friday instead of being inspired to carry on, I've slipped and blamed work, heat, long hours for needing food.

So tomorrow, I'm back on it - and am sure I've made it worse for myself, am cross with myself for slipping up, but know I just need to get back on it and the sooner the better.

Good luck to you all on your journey, I really admire all the will power on this site - please send a bit my way hehe
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wow 14.5 in a week! thats insane. wish i could lose that much then i'd be nearly at my goal! lol

Good luck with the comming weeks im sure you'll do fine!
You're doing so well, that weight loss is great. Don't worry about a few days off the plan, that in the past and you can't change it. Try and focus just on the here and now and i'm sure you'll get there. All the best and let us know how you're getting on.


will try harder !!
Ok, So it's Monday @ 1.40 and I thought getting back to it after 2 days off would be worse - I've had 2 coffees (black, decaff) and 2 litres of water, which is amazing for me am a little in shock and am loving the summer berry flavouring, ok so its not the best taste in the worls, but is so much nicer than plain water - which incidently I thought I liked before having to drink 2.5 litres of it a day !! I've had one tetra and think I'll have the second about 3 ish and then tonight I'm gonna try the leek and Potato soup. BF coming over this evening, but he is supportive so wont mind that I'm being a boring moo and only drinking water - aiming for 4 litres today !!!


will try harder !!
hmmm, another slip - chinese last night with the BF, his reward for me being so good, whoops bless him he meant well - so today am going for 100% I was in the gym at 8.30 this morning and did half hour cardio, and have had half a litre of water.

I've got to re arrange my weigh in this week too as it clashes with my daughters sports day. So hopefully I can neutralise the damage !


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Well done for getting back on track. Mt other half used to be the same and always asking as i have been good would i like to go out for dinner etc. He has got the message now though and buys flowers lol x


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Wow a stone in a week, that's freaking amazing.
Don't worry about the odd slip up, just get back on track and carry on ;) plus, if you're going to the gym it probably just about evens itself out :)
Best wishes.


will try harder !!
ok, well have avoided the site for a while as , I fell off plan and was struggling to face my failure which obviously made me worse and have all but put on what I lost (not quite, but as good as) which if i'm honest the amount of rubbish I ate I thought it would of been worse. I have gone back to my CDC and she was fab, told me to stop beating myself up - diets are hard and she is always on the phone to support me.

So that was Tues and its now friday and I am getting back on it, I went out on Wed and had a bad day on Thurs, but recognise the only person I let down is myself - and boy do I feel let down, disappointed, angry, sad and most of all fat, bloated, ugly and worthless - and the worse thing is I am the one that made me feel all of these things, and I am the only one that can change that.

I am reading a book called - Idiot proof diet, which is about two womens weight journey, whilst i'm not gonna follow the diet, it makes a lot of sense, explains clearly whilst being funny, why low carb works, the relationship with food etc etc - am finding it good so far and might have a look at the recipies, as I think should work with CD when I start introducing foods back - they also advocate water by the bucket load etc.

Well thats my update - good or bad am going to try to continue doing this as hopefully it will help me.


will try harder !!
A friend of mine is a life coach and does hypnotherapy - there is a new treatment out cally hypnoband, where your hypnotised into believing you have a gastric band !! am skeptical but hoping she needs a guinea pig !!


will try harder !!
Well, here we are Sunday night, still not back on plan - but something inside has just clicked, and I know tomorrow I'm gonna be 100% and Tuesday I'm gonna keep my appointment with my CDC. Even though I won't of lost.

I was driving home tonight from my caravan, I've left my daughter there with my mum for the week, and was thinking a few things through on the way home. About my BF, family, the diet and lack of it - when something clicked, I was thinking about the weight diaries I've read on here and how if I stick to it I can be one of those success stories. I don't need my mate to stick to the diet and start again with me. I'm doing this for me, no one else, just me and I'm the only one stopping it happening - and I'm the one that gives me a hard time,

So tomorrow is another day, and the first of many many 100% days I hope

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