weak and splitting fingernails


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Hi --

It seems as if the only thing that is really thin on me ATM, are my fingernails. They are broken down to quick, splitting, cracking and chipping. I do not remember this happening when I was on LL... is anyone finding that their fingernails are suffering from a CD diet?

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Hi MM, I found this to start with, but after a while my nails grew much stronger.

It's probably just the body reacting to the low calorie diet?

Good luck. :)


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Mine are better now as I started using a nail oil nightly to keep them from drying out and a buffer to seal the surface so that it had a better water barrier.

sarah-louise x

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it will be due to weather, air con/central heating ect drying them out rather than the diet as the diet does contain all the nutrients your body needs. GG's advice of buffing would help seal the nail plate, tho take care not to over buff as this itself will thin the nail. also use a good cuticle oil, hand moisturiser and keep nails short for a while to help keep them at their strongest and u could use a nail strengthening top coat but again be careful as some can dry them out further! sally hanson is a good one. HTH x