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Wedding Booked/birthday weekend


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It's my birthday weekend, and I feel awful.

After making the decision 2 weeks ago to go out for a meal, I haven't stuck to plan at all. I have been sneaking around, eating crap food and picking at food I have been cooking. Hubby doesn't even realise I've not been doing the packs!

As a consequence I feel AWFUL. I feel Fat, depressed, gluttenous, a failure, drained, exhausted. I can't sleep, I cant fit into any of my clothes. I now don't want to go out for birthday drinks tomorrow night (I'm not drinking anyway) with my friends and want to lock myself away for a week with nothing but packs and sky plus!!

On the up side, I booked my wedding (yay!!). We are getting married 2nd June next year in antigua, so if that's not an incentive, I don't know what is!!

I am looking forward to Monday so I can have a clean start and no excuses. I do have a holiday in France in august, but we've staying in a cottage, so i don't think I will be tempted with food. Hopefully, I could lose at least 1.5 stone before i go?!?!?

Here's hoping!
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You could always cancel the meal if you're not feeling up to it? Its your birthday do what YOU want to do! There would be nothing wrong with going out and enjoying it either but it needs to be YOUR choice not something you are doing out of obligation.

Congratulations on setting the date for your wedding! Inspiration indeed :)


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Congratulations on the wedding! That's so exciting, and Antigua sounds amazing!

If you really don't want to go out for birthday drinks, don't go. If you've made the decision to restart just go for it. I had my birthday about 3 weeks into LL and didn't do anything special, just told myself that there will be plenty more (skinny) birthdays to come!

Don't worry about anybody else, do what you want to do :)


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So Melarnz? What did you decide to do? Hope you are happy with the decision whatever and enjoyed your birthday :)


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I decided to enjoy birthday, ate too much! Drank too much!!

I am back on the packs today! Time for some serious work.


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if you cant enjoy yourself on your birthday when can you! hope you had a good day :) im going back on abstinence tomorrow but with exante instead of lighterlife, bit nervous it will be more difficult second time round as have tried to start again before but im more determined this time, ekkkkk!

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