Wedding is on Friday.. here is my pic


Finally...Life begins
Would have liked to have been a bit smaller but hey, can't change the last few months!

This was taken on my cam phone a few mins ago. will post *proper* pics at the weekend!

Did promise a pic so here you go!


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Hi Anegla,

Your dress is stunning, love the colour and you look amazing!!!

Absolutely beautiful:) :) :)

Love Mini xxx
Hi Angela, you look really really lovely, the dress is really flattering on you and look at those shoulders! Fab! Lovely, lovely, lovely, hope you have a great time.

Joe x
Hi Angela
You look fab,your dress is so nice.
You do look amazin.
A beautifull and happy bride.
Sending love and hugs for a great day.
Wishing you best wishes for a great life together.
Love Libbie xxx
Oh bless ya - you look so beautiful!!

Hey - he can't see Minimins can he? He's not allowed to see the dress!!! lol

I really hope that you have a fantastic day, honey!!!!

And yes... we want more piccies please!!

Best of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LOL Thank you all for the lovely compliments, and yes hubby has seen dress, coz im just a bridesmaid!

Glad you think it was suitable enough for me to be a bride tho!! :)

Will post more pics at weekend, with the actual bride LOL
you will be a lovely bridesmaid - the colour of the dress is very flattering on you and you are so pretty!!!
Have a great day and be proud of yourself - you deserve to be!
Looking great angela, Love the colour and style.
I know I am repeating-but you look great and that colour looks really good on you. Have fun at the wedding!