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Wedding quandry


On a mission
Granted, I only start tomorrow but am getting married in 10 weeks
Looking at how much people have lost I am wondering is my wedding dress going to be too big?! :confused:

OMG that would freak out my dad so much (hates that I'm fat), but what if it's too big and they can't take it in enough????

Haha am laughing at myself now, got to pass the first week first!

But am just sat her imagining it with a look of sheer excitement mixed with horror!
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why dont you leave yourself a bigger buffer zone or dont get married!


On a mission
nah got to get married - he'd be so disappointed.


On a mission
i'm a high street 14/16/18, more on the 16/18 side. My dress is a size 22 (as they're couture sizes ) and it doesn't quite zip up at the back


On a mission
hahaha this is all a dream
if it does come true will deal with it when the dress comes in in the next week :)

if not then I'll be a fat bride :-(


On a mission
the dress is paid for.
it's been on order since january. and all I've shifted is 5lbs, which is why I have joined LT.
Oh well, they will just have to take it in, or I'll have to have one week off before the wedding to pork up a little!!


Gold Member
I have dropped from a 20 to a 14/16 in ten weeks. They should be able to alter the dress a bit .Couture sizes are tiny aren't they, so I reckon you should be ok. You will need to re-feed the week or two before the big day anyway.:D:D
Im sure it will all work out fine :)
Good luck on LT. Don't worry about the dress, just concentrate on becoming a skinny bride, you can face the dress having to be taken in nearer the time.

Not meaning to sound really blonde here but why does she need to refeed before her wedding?
I'm getting married in November and have bought a size 24 dress. If it doesn't fit I'll buy a new dress on the credit card lol. I'd do anything not to be a fat bride. My mum would go mental lol xxx


Silver Member
she needs to refeed so she can eat at her own wedding i would have thought



The Diet Guy
Please don't not do the diet for your dress, you will be 3 stone or more lighter when you do the diet and hence what a nice problem to have when you get there.
Wedding dresses can be altered very easily by a good seamstress, dont worry just concentrate on loosing the weight.
Good luck


Posts when she can
U'll lose loads in those few weeks and feel great about urself also. The weight will melt off u. Congrats on the up coming wedding


On a mission
thanks everyone for your messages, they've made me really happy.
Yes I agree it is a wonderful problem to be faced with. I heard they can take a dress in by up to 3 sizes and I'm sure it will be fine.
Just trying not to throw the money down the drain that it cost, but they'll work their magic!

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