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Wednesday daily chat

Morning fello sfers...how are we all today?
Well I thought I would tell you a little more about myself today...my name is claire, iam 28, my husband Richie is in the RAF and we currently live in Fife, Scotland, which is home to Richie (so we have babysitters aplenty on the doorstep...woooh hooo) We have two beautiful little boys - Callum who has just turned 3 and Drew who will be 2 in June (yes, there is only 18 months age gap between them....I blame the age gap on my extra weight)
I work part time in a bar at the weekends, but other than that my work is all at home. Through most of my 20's I have struggled with up and down weight, my heaviest just before I had Callum at 13.8stone...and at only 5'1 - thats fat! But after Callum was born, within three months I had to go and buy size 10 jeans (which I hadnt been in since i was 19)....so as you can see since i was 24 I've been everydress size from a snug 16 to a slim 10...and now float in the middle at 12 stone - size 14(with muffin top)
In an ideal world I would like to fit comfortably into size 12 jeans, no muffin top and no bingo wings.
I have a fab excersize for bingo wings, and indeed muffin tops, and I can see both shrinking before my very eyes....once a week I am learning to Pole Dance!! and I love it...and its great for toning the body!
Right, thats a little about me...now for you....
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Morning Claire,

Well my name is sarah, Im australian, 28 and live in London. I dont have kids and not married but I do have a nice boyfriend who is very supportive of my weight loss goals. Im not sure how or when I started to struggle with weight but wish I hadnt let it get out of control. It feels like one day I woke up fat but I dont think this is the case I think years of drinking and having too good a time with food may be the problem. Also portion sizes are my other downfall. I now realise just because my paretner is eating a piled plate of food does not mean I too can eat that much (something I wish Id have learnt much sooner)

Claire I have heard good things about pole danceing lessons and fitness. Im thinking of taking up classes when I go back to australia.

My aim is to be a healthy weight for when I go home to Australia later in the year as me and my partner are talking about getting married and eventually starting a family. Id rather be a healthy weight to start the family so then I dont have both baby weight as well as years of naughtiness to lose after. Also diabetes is all through my family so I think is better i do something now instead of waiting until its too late.


What doesn't kill me.....
Hey Guys,

My name in Heather.. I'm in the states (Philadelphia to be exact.) I'm 28, and have a 2 year old.. separated from her father.. looking to get a divorce sometime this year.

I've struggled with my weight since probably puberty. :-/

I do have a thread round here somewhere where I went through a good portion of my story.. so if you'd like to know more, it's around. (besides the fact that I'm at work and have a limited lunch break.. got more orders to place... I've got mush for brains right about now! )

So last night, I went shopping on line, because Lane Bryant (not sure if you guys have that store... its for plus size clothing... ) they had my favorite pants on sale for $20... usually $40! So I bought one in my size and then I bought 2 more in a size smaller :D. There is a chance that I might fit in them now because I do still fit in the pants that are that size that I have.. but you know how clothes stretch overtime.

I also went on Amazon last night and bought a resistance band workout from the 10 min solution line. I used to do resistance band exercises a few years ago when I had lost alot of weight. Just trying to make progress in the right direction :)

I was thinking about getting a belly dance work out DVD (My abdominal muscles are shot because Ayleigh was a GIANT BABY! 9 lbs, 2.3 oz) and she like, hung on the outside of my body.. my mom called her a fig.lol.. and then I had an emergency c-section when she was born.. so all my lower stomach mucsles are shot).........

But then I got visions of my daughter trying it imitate the belly dancing... *shudders*.... I don't know if I'm ready for that! :8855: And this is a child who when we were watching the Gymnastic floor routines in the Olympics this past summer.. she started to dart across the room in an attempt to do a flip. :eek: And then tried to dive off my bed when she was watching the diving program..:eek: We had to ban the olympics during her waking hours because of this! :8855:

Maybe later I'll do belly dancing.... I'm sure i'll be shown up by my little baby though :rolleyes: :8855:

Well me im sabina im aged 28 soon to be 29 eeek.I have been married to my hubby Jay 9 years this august.We have 4 daughters chloe aged 9..lauren aged 7...jessica aged 4 and lucy just turned 1.
We live in bristol have 2 dogs,1 cat and plenty of fish.
I always knew I was a bit over weight but really Im not sure if I wanted to not admit it or didnt think it was a problem before now,I have a few times been on a few different diets never lasted long.
It all came to a front a few weeks ago when seeing all my old friends on facebook someone asked why dont I have a pic of me on my profile and suddenly I realised I didnt want to because I felt ashamed,I didnt want all those people to see how I look now :( anyway I decided to seriously do something about it!!
And here I am now on a diet I ADORE feeling happy and content and enjoying seeing the weight comming off on the scales :)
thanks for all the messages girls, its great reading all your stories and I really feel like I am starting to get to know you all...which is great. Its easier to chat to people you 'know' sometimes..lol....

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