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Middle of the week folks! Doesn't time just fly by!

Did anyone see The Apprentice last night? Finally that numpty got voted off - about time too.

Got WI tonight - good luck to everyone else who has too.

Generally i hope you all have a lovely day regardless of the foul weather. Don't know what i am going to do today. May just chill cos i have promised i will take the girls to Blackpool tomorrow!:p
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constantly confused
Goddamnit, every time I click in this thread I see the results of the apprentice, I'm watching it now after sky plussing!!!!!

Still 'that numpty' could apply to almost anyone, so will keep an open mind :D

I really want to get weighed today, it's been over 2 weeks now :(


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toller-girl. Ooh hopefully you will have a big loss to look forward to! How long do you have to wait?
Oh TG - don;t you just hate that!! Perhaps any threads containing results of any shows should beging with **SPOILER ALERT - APPRENTICE** or something to alert readers....I hate that too.

Course, we could all gather 'round and spank Lemma - she has a cast on her which is heavy and should slow her down a bit!! :D :D


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No cast anymore - BUT i did not give it away!!!!! :eek: Numpty could refer to any one of about 3 of the remaining 6. I deliberately did not name them!!!!

But soz if the numpty description did give it away!!! :p

It darn cold today - i cannot warm up at all however much i try. I have put on the heating, socks, tracky bottoms, warm top. I am going to go to bed if necessary and snuggle up whilst the children are out with my other half.

Hope you are all having a great day.

I am also trying to plan our day out to Blackpool tomorrow. Oh yes, the glitz, the glamour....:rolleyes::p


constantly confused
It's my own fault for not watching it earlier!

I sort of had an idea because I strongly dislike that candidate, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment :)

Hubby home, hopefully going to get weighed now :D


constantly confused
Gutted! 3lbs in 2 weeks :cry:

Apparently it makes a difference that I'm usually weighed in the morning, and today I've already had 2 packs and a couple of litres of water, so HOPEFULLY some of the weight is that.

I'm only 6lbs off my healthy BMI now, so I'd expect it to slow down a little bit :sigh:

I'm just so impatient, I want to go into RTM as soon as I hit BMI 25, but hubby and I have decided to make next week our last in abstinance regardless. We're both not feeling great now, so we're going to listen to our bodies :)


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Whether you are weighed in the morning or evening does make a huge difference. People in my group who go to a stop-in have this problem as stop is first thing in the morning and weigh-in is in the morning.

7 days till your RTM........:)


Gotta Make A Change
Watching the england game today
gutted with yesterdays britains got talent didnt want to see flava voted off
other than that drinking loads of water and black coffee :) way to go :)
good luck with all your WI's people :)
Hello all, well it was my WI tonight and was dreading it as fell off the wagon severly at the weekend after getting sloshed! Anyway only put on a pound but wish that it was weight off instead. That will teach me to be a naughty girl. Anyway back on the wagon today and feeling a bit more positve. I need to loose that final 1.5st for my holidays. Although my bikini days are over after having 3 kids can still look presentable in a swimsuit I think if I keep going.

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