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Wednesday hour x hou

Good morning one and all.

Well looking out of the windows here it's very grey and wet out there today.

Hope everyone elses day is brighter - hopefully mine will be if I get to finish a couple of hours early which I'm wanting to ;)

See you this evening x
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longs to be average!
Very bright and sunny in Essex - looking forward to a day of entitlement conditions!!!

Here's something to think about - and if you know the answer please let me know................ Why is it that one manufacturers idea of size is way different to another? For instance, I am wearing a size 38 pair of Banana Republic trousers today, but I can't even do up a size 40 M&S pair of trousers - so frustrating! I have other pairs of 38 trousers which I am now wearing quiet comfortably, so know I am a 38 now, and just as well I do, otherwise would be thinking I am still a 42 trouser still!
Bright and sunny here too - and as the room I am in faces east, I am sat here with shades on so I can see as its blazing right in on me!!! :D Shame to spoil it by having to go to work!!

First stop though, the docs for some blood tests to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yippee. lol Get to be a pin cushion this morning. OWwwwwwww. :D

But - its the week half over and that is always a good thing!

Hope all have a great day....see you laters!!!



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Chiropractor for me at 3.30.....deep joy lol.

have a good one everyone and good luck for al those weighing in.
love liz


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Morning all,

Its bright and sunny (if abit chilly) in London this morning.

Corey to answer yout question, there is no answer, I am wearing a size 16 trouser from primark in a specific cut, the other cuts don't fit. I am fine in Next, and Monsoon the 16 is to big. I think they make up the sizes as they go along :D its frustrating isn't it.

BL hope the needle pricking isn't too painful.

Cookey, with some luck the chiro will start helping rather than hurting soon.

Have a Whacky Wednesday.
Mornining All,

I am now back in the land of the living, back at work today and over the flu (hopefully) still a wee bit rough but defo on the mend.

Well today I am back on SS and am going to my meeting tonight. Feel like I have been in a cloud somewhere it is so strange when you are not with it and not doing it. Well onward and upward, will most probably need your help, and the OH has got the handcuffs out to cuff me to the bed tonight after the meeting, he should be so lucky (he mentioned he had never had it with a pensioner;))

Corey I find the same with M&S their sizes are small so I go in there as little as possible:D.

It is lovely sunny and bright here in Berkshire today hope it stays that way.

Have a good day everyone.


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Morning all its nice and sunny in Cheltenham this morning.
Have a very busy day ahead of me at uni- so will be sure to drink plenty and stay hydrated.
Have a great day all
love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It is piddling down in Manchester (hey whats new?). Day 3 of abstinence for me today and I have an interview this afternoon.... not sure that was the best planning!! May have to drink several cups of black coffee to get me up to par!

Corey - don't get me started on bloody M&S sizes. Not only do they seem to make them up every season (so you can be a 14 in Autumn winter collection and a 16/18 in the Spring Summer collection - but each ITEM of the same range can vary wildly. Seriously if I am buying jeans I take every single pair of the same size same style I can find into the changing rooms - guarenteed each one will fit slightly differently!!! The amount of times I have left that place feeling like my heart has been ripped out is untrue! Evil place!

Wish me luck and I hope you all have a great day


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Good luck CC, I know what you mean about dress sizes, Dorothy Perkins 16's are way smaller than say matalan who I have to say have very generous sizes, Asda are another shop that cuts back on its material their 18's are defo size 16's makes you mad doesn't it.
Good luck with your interview CC.

I am struggling with water today still hve very sore throat, glug glug:eek:
Morning (just),
I've driven back from my mum's already this morning - all 150 miles of it. I need to get back into the swing of things again now. I haven't lapsed but I haven't been drinking enough water either and so I felt quite hungry yesterday and today.
I've got an interview this afternoon as well but I'm not even sure if I want the job (It's doing what I already do on a voluntary basis) but I know they are looking to set up an income maximisation scheme and I've already told them I don't want to do that - but we shall see.

Hope everyone else is doing well and any WI's are losing ones. :D
CC- Good luck with the interview, keep us posted!
Corey- I know the feeling (story of my life).
LL- All the best with the meeting and try drinking room temp water, don't know if u drink cold water, but thats not good for sore throats!
I am feeling happy today! I have started week 2 on RTM, but i am not bothered about that!

We have a Wellbeing Surgery at my Workplace and i saw the nurse today. My BP- has gone up slightly and is not 114/81 (which is fine) and also I got weighed and have lost 8lbs since last Thursday. :) :)

I was soooooo worried as you know i don't get support from my LLC and Alibongo, Deb have been guiding me with RTM on here! As well as all of YOU for the day to day support!

The scales at work are very special type of ones, and do the whole height, bmi, e.t.c

I now weigh 11:10, i was 12:4 last week! I am now offically lost 8 STONES 2LBS on LL and it will be my 7 months LL Anniversary tomorrow!



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Hi All,

I am arranging a dinner at Petrus for some of our execs, oh my word you should see the menu's and then the prices....their tasting menu which granted looks like heaven is £250 PP :eek::eek::eek: and that is without wine Blimey.

One day maybe it would be great to go there though!! Or when that sugar daddy comes rolling in :D


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Way to go Slim... fantastic news :D
Good luck with the interview CC
LL, good luck with the gluggling...
Everyone enjoy the day (what's left of it!)
Me, I'm off back to work now...Oh joy!!!:(
Well done SlimS great that you are still losing weight on RTM and happy anniversary:D


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Hi All,

I am arranging a dinner at Petrus for some of our execs, oh my word you should see the menu's and then the prices....their tasting menu which granted looks like heaven is £250 PP :eek::eek::eek: and that is without wine Blimey.

One day maybe it would be great to go there though!! Or when that sugar daddy comes rolling in :D
no wonder Marcus Waring is doing so well.

sadly, you have to pay a premium for the Michelin stars and i think marcus waring has 2 of the blighters!!!!

note though the stars cover the quality of the food alone - atmosphere could be rubbish!

would like to check it our tho.:p

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