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Wednesday hour x hour


longs to be average!
Happy hump day peeps!

My numbness has gone, but one of my upper teeth feels funny!! Perhaps I have a comedy club forming in my mouth!

Feels like I have another week without much of a weightloss - guess that might have something to do with me struggling to get the water down this past week! Will have to make a bit of an effort today and hope something drops off overnight ready for my WI tomorrow. We can but hope!

Anyways - gonna have to neck by black tea with St Clements flavouring (my fav drink at the moment) and had better get off to the drudgery that is the Department for Work & Pensions, still on strike tomorrow - yippee!

Have a good day y'all and good luck with any WI today.
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Morning, I've been feeling good this week after chucking away loads of junk. :D
I really feel like I'm sorting out my whole life not just my eating habits and I hope that I continue to feel like this.

I'm also convinced now that my LLC's scales weigh heavy because according to 3 other sets of scales I'm between 16.7 and 16.10 and I know that I haven't lost 10lb this week so I will weigh heavier than that tomorrow night but it will be interesting to see how much more.

Hope everyone else has a good day - and I'm going to try your black tea with St Clements, Corey, it sounds nice. :D


I'm going to be slim
Hope you all have a great day. & good luck to all who WI today
Morning All,

Really tired today, the course and travelling taken its toll.

Well folks naughty LL is back on the wagon today. Had 1 litre of water already, so wish me luck.

Corey the black tea is it hot?, might try it.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Full Member
Hiya, first time I've posted here so hope it's ok for me to. I'm on day 2, feeling positive still but not as positive as yesterday. Looking forward to my drop in on Friday to motivate!! Also think I've got a headache brewing and although I went to bed early and slept in later this morning I feel really tired still!! But from your previous posts, this all sounds normal. I'm off work at the moment, and I'm not looking forward to going back as I think drinking it's going to be difficult for me. I'm sure I'm just looking for something to worry about though!

Have a good day everyone, hope those with Weigh ins, get the results they want!
Mornign All, Corey, hope ur teeth feel better soon.

LL- good on you Lady getting back to LL, you will be fine! :)

Kaalin- congrats and welcome to the club! We are all 1 big family here and support one another through thick and thin, everyone on here have helped me through the whole of my LL journey and beyond!

Good luck, it will take a few days for ur body to adjust, just don't overdo it and take it real easy! :)
Hi everyone

Sitting here at work, got the hum-drums - no doubt due to the codeine cloud I am encompassed in. Blippen' neck.

So, Lady - good to have you back, and good luck - you be strong girl! We know you are!! :D

Hope everyone is feeling well and doing good and good luck to the weighers tonight.

I don;t have much to say, just wanted to say hi to everyone.



Silver Member
Hey BL, when you do not have much to say I worry about you girl ;)

Hope the codiene helps atleast.

I do not have nearly enough work today and its driving me crazy.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
Hey BL, when you do not have much to say I worry about you girl ;)

Hope the codiene helps atleast.

I do not have nearly enough work today and its driving me crazy.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
AAh, bless ya Tange :) I'm OK. Just a bit fed up at work, and that generally makes me go quiet. I often think about changing jobs, but I hate interviews, and the whole palava - but may start looking. I could do with more money. We'll see. Just a bit fed up with it all.

The codeine does help, but that also adds to my being quiet....makes me a little spacy. WHich can be nice. BUt not productive. ;)



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I know exactly how you feel. I felt like that in my last job and leaving was the best thing I ever did. And I gave myself a whopping 8k p.a pay rise.

Besides you will have so much more confidence now you are slinky and sexy ;)
Well, Tange my friend, that is part of why I have always hated looking for work - my chatter box would tell me, "they won;t hire you because you are fat". I still lack a bit of confidence in that area when it comes to things like Job INterviews, which is what usually puts me off.

Maybe I will stick a couple pokers in the fire and see if anything comes from that. :)


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I know for a fact there were one or two that I did not get last year because I did not "look" right.

No harm in looking I always say.
Good luck.


constantly confused
BL, no harm in applying for jobs is there? Worst case scenario is that you don't get it, and then you're in exactly the same position as you are now, so haven't lost anything :)

I'm not doing well on this diet :cry:

Apart from the almost constant dizziness, I'm also losing hair and feeling weak all the time.

I've started running so I can shift this weight quicker and get back to eating.

Unfortuantely at the moment I can't afford any decent shoes or a decent sports bra :confused:
BL you be careful where you put them those pokers:D

Well went to lunch and nearly surcombed to a large sub - ummmmmmmm, just about managed to stop. I think that my inner voice is coming back and at the mo it is a positive one. The course I went on yesterday included a session on your inner voice.

I will send you some of my work Tange really busy as I have been away for 2 days.

For the oldies on here, starting on round 3 with dear daughter tonight, think we need a chat again - oh dear, is their no Knights in shining armour waiting to take her away? Well at least I am doing it before it gets out of hand.

I am still glugging 2.5 litres and just had my first soup.


constantly confused
TG- Start RTM i am telling you, don't go through this, not good for your health, i suffered from all this, plus more, it can be dangerous
Thanks hun. I'm seriously considering it but I'm terrified I wont make my goal if I do. :(

Having said that, for the last two weeks I've only lost 2lbs each week, which is the sort of thing I could've achieved at WW or SW, it seems like putting up with the illness and hair loss for a 2lb a week loss just isn't worth it!

I'm going to persevere with the exercise, if I can get into a good habit of regular exercise, I know I'll be able to acheive and maintain weight loss even if I DO go on RTM early.

I'm going to talk to my counsellor this week about it. It's also not fair on my husband if I go into RTM early and he's still on the packs.

If I'm still feeling this way at 11 and a half stone (am 12st 4lbs at the mo) then I'll go onto RTM as my BMI will be just slightly overweight.

Hubby has 3 stone left to go, and I have 2. He'll no doubt be finished before me, so I might just go into route to management when he does.

I just really don't want to quit or let myself down. What if this is psychological and I'm trying to stop myself getting to goal? :eek:
I know what ur saying, but honestly start RTM and u can at least maintain and get in to the habit of eating healthy food and enjoying it! I went through constant hairloss, dizzy/headaches, blurred vision, low blood pressure,e.t.c!

I still had approx 2 stones to lose (will get weighed tom, so want to know if i have lost, gained, maintained, but will be doing this through healthy eating and regular exercise & even if i lose min 4lbs a month and maintain, i will be soooo happy!

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