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Wednesday! Hour X Hour

Morning Losers! :)

Gret, wet and horrible down here. So, another English Summer day! :D

Hope everyone has a great day ahead, and good luck to all the weighers tonight!

I can't think of a better way to start a daily thread then talking about constipation, can you? :rotflmao:

I just want to point out something very interesting....I have a lot of probs in that area on this diet, and have to take a laxative at least 3 times a week usually. On top of 6 Fibresure tablets a day, on top of the water flavourings. The results are less then impressive just the same.

Now, when we went back to California, we were there for four weeks, and during that time I did absolutley nothing differently concerning the diet, then I do here. ANd the entire time we were there, I did not have to take one laxative or pill, and was right as rain. Regular as clockwork. Healthy normal results, every single day. ANd not one laxative!!

Then we returned here, and within just 2 days, I was stopped up again....on laxatives again....and Fibresure...and nothings happening.

I just found that very interesting. The one and ONLY thing that was different would be the water.

Should have bottled some and brought it back with me!!! :D

Anyway - I just thought that was strange,

Hey ho - now back to getting ready for work.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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longs to be average!
If you think it's bad now - wait until you hit RtM, it'll all change again - if you could offset your fuel bill by supplying the national grid with methane, well.... let's just say it would be a very lucrative business! There is no way I can have a candle lit in my house at the moment let me tell you!!


constantly confused
BL, were you moving about more on holiday?

Now that you're back at work I'd guess you spend more time sitting at a desk working, but moving about (all that shopping!) probably would've helped move things along.

Corey, I feel your pain! Do you get stomach cramps as well? Sometmes I get a really sore tummy, I think the poor thing doesn't know what's hit it having to digest food for the first time in months!


longs to be average!
Don't even get me started on cramps (now there is a sentence you don't expect a fella to say!!)


Silver Member
Hi BL,

I am with TG on this one. I was horrible for the last 4 weeks also had to take pills etc. I started walking again on Monday and am right back to normal again.

Sunny day so far in London lets hope it lasts. I am off to the physio this afternoon for my ankle lets hope she does not tell me to not do my walking.

Happy hump day as BL usually says :p

OH OH I am wearing my lovely new 3/4 size 14 trousers.

I had a conversation with my housemate (who also has been my friend for 20 years) last night and when I said I can't believe how little weight I have left to loose she said she had to tell me something and you know what she said she is so proud of me because she never thought I could do it. HAHA neither did I!!


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If you think it's bad now - wait until you hit RtM, it'll all change again - if you could offset your fuel bill by supplying the national grid with methane, well.... let's just say it would be a very lucrative business! There is no way I can have a candle lit in my house at the moment let me tell you!!
Corey I just pictured that scene out of a recent Eastenders episode where the mad woman lights up a cig and the place goes boom :rotflmao:


longs to be average!
I never watch 'enders, but did see that scene! Think was a minor explosion in comparison to what I could produce at the moment:rotflmao:


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Well that does give me something to look forward to ;) And I like cabbage so imagine what that will be like.

Errrm I think maybe we should change the subject this one is becoming fragrant.
TG, I was more active, but only a few days, and yeah, that would be the shopping days. Other then that we were just driving or chillin like villains! So I would not say there was a drastic difference....but yes, some.

I guessed it might be that as a non-native to England, there may be something in your water here that affects me, but not others as natives would be immune to it. Not saying the water is bad - just that it might not be compatible with me? My OH, on the flip side, has interesting reactions when he goes to America. Thats what made us start thinking there is something to the phrase "its in the water". I'm no scientist, but thats what I guessed it might be?

Its nice to know you lot havnt changed, still as barmy as ever;):bliss::bliss:
Hi everyone. I am having a bad moment at the moment. :(

I am sat at my desk, fighting back tears. Well, some already spilt, now stopping them.:cry:

My neck is hurting, and its been hurting every day this week, and its just getting on top of me. It finally reaches a point that gets the best of me and wins, and I crumble. I just want it to stop hurting, but I know its not going to, and some days, like now, it just gets me so down.:break_diet:


I have taken pills everyday this week. I hate that. I feel like a zombie by the end of the day.

I want to have a tantrum. :(
Poor BL. It think the best thing to do is go ahead and have a tantrum.
Thanks Lady.

I forgot to mention to, that our manager brought in loads of food today - LOADS. And she has put it all on the empty desk next to me. She knows I am doing LL. She is doing WW and is struggling to lose her 2nd stone after months of trying. SO I think that was really nasty.

It all is full of onions and garlic, so there is NO ESCAPING the smells. I hope they all get fat. (not really.)

I'm glad I was made redundant. WIll be glad to get out of here. Just wish it was sooner then later.

What a POOOOOey day this has become.


constantly confused
I bet they'll be SO envious of your self restraint, flaunt it at them! :D

Can you try different painkillers? Or alternative pain relief (acupuncture, reiki etc) gotta be worth a try.


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Hey BL

Sending you a hug (())

I do hope the pain get alittle better.
The last thing you need is the smells around you too.
Hang in there you are strong enough to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Thinking of you.


longs to be average!
Hey BL - sending you some healing vibes:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:

I've done two reiki courses this year (am now a qualified practioner), would really recommend you going to see someone. It may take a couple of sessions, but you will soon feel the benefits. I'm off out in a minute (more about that shortly), but when I get back I'll sit down, meditate and send you some distance healing. Feeling better soon honey.

I'm off to see Occupational Health for my new job. Still don't have a start date and it all rests on this meeting - they want to look at my period of stress last year (when I was doing the job of 3 people, working 16 hour days all whilst the school was going through special measures!!) So off to the other side of the county. Then gotta rush back to take my little cat to the vets - she has an infected foot!!

Take care of yourselves.


I'm going to be slim
:grouphugg: Hope you feel better soon & throw a tantrum if you want :grouphugg:


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why dont you just very sarcastically ask her how the diets going?
If shes going to be a *****, be a ***** back :)
BL go have your tantrum, if it makes you feel better then you do it - there is nothing worse than constant pain and anybody could understand it getting to you.

Re your manager - that's just nasty ---- but you should just keep smiling inwardly as you know that it is just jealousy but hey you're too strong to give in to sabotage.

Well I'm having a different kind of day - was in work this morning but have the afternoon off as I've been for a retinal eye scan, so currently I have th screen on large print and the letters are all still blurry so you'll have to forgive me any spelling mistakes ---- good job I 'touch type' as I can't see the letters on the keyboard :D

Lady it's great to see you're back - I do like that us wanderers have returned.

Water wise I think I need to go do this diet in the states if it makes you go the loo ---- wonder if the NHS would pay for that :D

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