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Wednesday Weighers...GOOD LUCK!

Mine said 11.1, but that was after 3 moves around the bathroom!!! I am sooooo heading for a gain :s


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ooh I try to not trust my scales at home in the hope that it will be different (i.e lower) at group!!!!

Bit worried about tonight as I had a mad moment on Saturday night - went and bought a box of sugar donuts (with jam in) and only wanted one but they only sold boxes of 5 in Sainsburys... I ate one.. wrapped up the rest to give to OH... 10 mins later I have devouered the lot! I was disgusted with myself!


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i haven been for two weeks and i know i have had a gain i re started on monday but i have my weigh in tonight so fingers crossed for me ladies.
i have everything crossed hoping that i lose, my clothes feel alot slacker and ppl are sayin i look like lost weight but lets wait and see. Only need 2.5lb for my stone award. let u guys know gud luk x
I lost 2lb and got Slimmer of the Week. I'm thrilled as I was expecting STS or slight gain as my weighing scales at home weren't showing very much. I've done mostly reds this week including two BBQs and a whole bottle of wine at one of them. My syn total for the week is less than 90 but I've eaten loads. This diet is just so great.


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i'm dreading this evening as I am the same as princessria. didnt go last week and only really started being on plan on Monday. Hoping for a miracle this evening. Tried not to drink too much water today.
Thank you Rachella. That photo was taken ten years ago, although it only seems like two or three, and about one and a half stone ago. I don't normally look like that as it was a photo make over session and I had a very thick layer of makeup on. It's amazing what wonders they can achieve. I would love to have another session when I reach my goal.
hi all, been to weigh in this morning and was hoping to loose that dam 1/2lb !!!

got on the scales and ............... put on 1/2lb ....so I asked for a re-weigh !!!!LOL
and guess what ??
I stayed the same ..happy LOL
I know why - Its because I have been really off it all week ..no veg and just eating silly foods (not junk)
One of the girls lost 4lb 2 weeks ago then stayed the same then this week she lost 6lb :eek::eek::eek:- I wanted to take her outside !!!!!LOL
she said she just eats loads of veg - so this week im eating loads of veg.
tonight I just had some chicken and a big pile of cauli,carrots,marrow,beans,and some tates..
Now if that load dont get this moving I dont know what will !!!!

On a more worrying note I have found a lump on the side of my neck ..mmmm bit concerned as to what that could be, I go to doctors next tuesday for results of scan and will ask him then - no doubt it will be nothing !!
anyway off to work now speak lata XXX

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