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Wednesday Weighers


Bears dont dig on dancin'


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Judi, we started the same weight and have same 11st goal! Only just noticed!

And, with my 3lb loss I just got to another of my mini goals! That's my "Get under 182lbs" goal gone woohoo!! Xxx
I can't believe it. After two weeks away on holiday, drinking wine etc on most days, eating out several times, chips, ice cream etc, I've only put on 3lbs!

I was really expecting much more than that. But thinking about it, I didn't go too mad eating. When we cooked for ourselves it was to plan (although we had some naughty puddings) and I made sure I still ate lots of fruit and veg. I didn't snack on bad things, just the odd treat.

I am amazed and so pleased. I'm back on track 100% now and looking forward to carrying on losing weight. Now I'm not scared of going on holiday any more as I know that I can still have lots of naughty things to eat, but if I'm moderate about it, I won't put on too much weight.


Lover of Extra Easy
I lost 3.5 pounds, and though my scales showed I lost 3, I did'nt believe them.
I am delighted as I have not done SW properly for the last 3 weeks due to me going away to South Africa for my brother-in-law's funeral, and getting back for my son's wedding!
I went away with the thought of putting on a few pounds as I was not going to stress about eating!
Admitedly, I did not eat much, and when I did I had SW more or less in mind as it's sort of second nature now but I didn't count HEX's but I didn't count syns and must have had 100's extra on booze, my main culprit!
I still ate no bread, chocs etc but that's it!
Today, I bough the EE cookbook, so plan to use it, but have decided from now on, I shall be careful but no longer am stressing
about food as much as I did before I went away!
-2.5 and SOTW for me! Woohoo! I decided to do all red last week and that normally gives me a boost. I was so disheartened a few weeks back (and contemplating doing Fast Forward) but I'm so glad that I seem to be back to losing! Looked in my book and have lost 5.5lb in 4 weeks so that's not bad at all. Just goes to show that the plan does work and we should look at our losses over a period of 4 weeks.

Only 4.5lb til my 6st! Yay!!!

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