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WEDS Hump Day! Hour X Hour

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Hope you all have a good day!! I've got no news.....just a happy camper this morning for some reason. Maybe its because I polished my bike last night and now it is living inside our new, nearly complete garage which we have been attempting to build for MONTHS!!!! Which means it will stop rusting!!! YAYA!!!! I LOVE progress!!!! And, even better, once the garage is done, I get my art sudio back!!!


So, I hope you all have a great day!!!

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Hi Everyone,

Glad your bike is happy in its new home and you have got your art room back.

Hope you all have a happy positive day.
Almost - got my art room back. BUt almost to us can men months!!! I am keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, whatever I can cross, crossed that they don't lose momentum!!! Should bew few weeks yet at least before my room is clear but its the most progress we have had in a year!!! :D
Hey All, hope everyone is fine, got my WI tonight, hope I have lost weight, (however is that time of the month). I don't know what to do about Valentines day tomorrow, my Hubby wants me to eat a tiny bit with him tomorrow night. I spoke to my LLC last week and she said that if I wanted to, just have the size of my palm (chargrilled/boiled chicken or fish, with a tiny bit of salad). Not sure though, I ate a tiny bit on Christmas day and continued with my diet from Boxing Diet, I haev never put on any weight and apart from then I have always stuck to LL. Started on September 10th and have lost 6 stones.
Morning all!
Havnt started any water yet- going to the gym around mid day. 2nd time this week =]
Iv passed the quater mark so am happy as!
Hope everyone has a good day =]
Good luck tonight Slimsea, Not sure what to say about Valentines day, as I find as soon as I have eaten anything it is so difficult to get back on.

So in my experience I wouldnt, but then thats me.

How about a nice theatre or Cinema trip instead
Thanks LadyLite, I know, I do agree as well, but I know on Xmas Day, i had a little bit and continued with LL straightaway. Will see how it goes, if I do have something, it will literally be a tiny bit, as I am not going to let all this sacrifice and hard work go to waste either. Thanks for ur advice and support, ur looking sooooo good!

Wey hey, I have just entered the RACE FOR Life on 6th July, so had really better shift the rest of this weight.
Wow Race for Life, that is fantastic, I would love to do something like that, can't even run much yet, need to build that up, one day hopefully. Good for you, you're an inspiration to us all! :)
I am popping in and our are you bored. Go to the chat room and I might be able to have a quick chat.
Afternoon everyone - well I'd had enough of work so finished at 2.30, been there since before 8 so don't feel too guilty!

Drank plenty today but still must get lots down me - am feeling the cold today though.

Am debating whether it's worth skinning myself completely and booking a personal trainer - just been on a website of one quite local to me - think it's about £20 a week maybe a bit more but if I'm honest I'm paying for a gym that I'm not using so if I did the personal training for a bit that might spur me to the gym?????????????
Katie, thast a gr8 idea, I too was thinking about it! I have joined a gym that will be opening up in May, but before that need to sort myself out! Alright for some to finish work at a good time :)
Hey peeps!

I left early today too Kate - took off at 3pm, and just got in from my first solo ride...and it was great. Getting my feet all wet again feels great! ANd the weather! Ach! Who could ask for more!!!

I think I am going to have to rig up some kind of drip irrigation system I can mount on my helmet though so I can keep drinking water....I am WELL behind now!!!! :D

The boys are working on the garage. It is so nice having our mate help = means I don;t have to!!! :D

Off in a bit to see the relatives.

Have a great evening everyone!!!


Happily pro pointing!
Just spoke to my counsellor and I am starting RTM on Monday.
Luckily we live in salmon country, so watch out little fishes here I come :character0053: :eat:

Also got a pair of Trussardi jeans and morgan T shirt size 10 off eBay and they are fitting beautifully.

I am so excited!
I can't believe I got this far.
So here is to the next chapter and all that it throws at me, I am ready for you :girlpower:
Well done Ali, You are an inspiration to us all,

Good luck in RTM:)
Whey Heyyyy Ali - great news --- post us some pics ;)

BL - hope they got lots done on the garage for you - you'll soon be drawing and painting in peace.
Just about finished with Day 3.

I'm about to leave to go to the drop in. We'll see what I've lost so far although I feel like I'm full of water! I'm going to exchange my raspberry and strawberry shakes since I'm not very fond of them. :p

I've just added a picture of my twin girls to my gallery. The one on the right just lost her 3rd tooth. One on the left has yet to lose any. :D
Good luck at your drop in Casey - I'm sure you'll be made up with your loss.

Your girls are so cute :)

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