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Wee bit miffed


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Only 2lb off for me this week:sigh:. I stuck to it 100 % haven't yet slipped up, but have been sorley tempted on many occasions.

I think it was with the warmer weather, and being outdoors all day, walking and swimming etc that I forgot to keep sipping the water. So keep downing the h2o and don't make my mistake.
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Hi Aoife

Sorry to hear you feel a bit miffed at your weight loss, but just remember that is poor lard :)!!! You have done so well to date. I think we get weeks like that.

yes, keep sipping that water; it is so important.

Keep going and it may balance itself out next week, but a loss is a loss as I have heard so many say before on here.

You really are doing incredibly well.

Take care - onwards and downwards as they say :D


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Thank Scotsmist, I'll make sure I'm sipping the water this weekend, even if I've similar plans on the cards. Good luck with your week too.


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Thats my average loss!!! And I'm very happy when I get that!!
Thats still a wonderful weight loss!! Oh and when the weather gets better we should even be increasing our water intake as the sun dehydrates us.. :) xx


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I know I should be grateful, but thanks for all you replies. I'm going to forcus on next now.
Thanks again. Have a good week.


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya well done on your loss!!

Look at your loss last week! you had a big one then!!
Hi Aoife

Know I'm a bit late with this but don't be disappointed - or at least don't be disappointed for long. 2lb is 2lb and it's all going in the right direction. I know what you mean when you step on the scales and it's not as much as you hoped for, but you are doing so well.

Keep it up and keep focused. Your goal is well in sight now - think how much nearer you are then when you first started. That day will come when you step on the scales and breathe a big sigh of relief because you have done this; you have worked really, really hard and you have done it. It's not years away - it's a matter of weeks.

With you all the way x


Positivity is the key
Hi Aoife,
congrats on your weight loss. I was in the same boat yesterday, thinking 3lb wasn't good enough, got a right good rolicking off some on here for being disappointed and you know it worked. I had to look at the bigger picture and realise over all I was doing pretty good, as are you. It will be a different story next week, as we will be happy with whatever weight loss we get because it gets us nearer goal. Best of luck.
yeah well done on the loss


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Thanks for all your replies, really appreciate the support. Better form now, it's a new day, week etc.
Hope you all have a good weeks.
Well done on the weight loss, you are over halfway there now so keep up the great work.

I found that when I only lost 2lb it was because I was busier than usual and out of the house more, so I didn't drink as much water as I would have done, although I do take a 1ltr bottle everytime I go out!!!

Have a good week x

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