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Wee bit of a weighing habit developing here!


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I have weighed myself about 5 times today! OOPS! Even by my standards that is exessive! When I was on LT I used to weigh myself twice a day, and it did help. Because the loss is so fast it's nice to see daily progress.

Has anyone else got a weighing addiction?! xx
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Well I do weigh myself every day, but I can usually stop at weighing myself once in the morning. I like to track my progress each day, even if it stays the same. I don't want any nasty surprises on WI day!
Wow haha, I weigh myself every morning but I dont weigh myself anytime after that as I put weight on throughout the day with all the water I drink!


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I wont be doing it this much after today but cos I hadn't lost this morning I kept jumping on to see if it changed! It has by the way... 2lbs off :) xx

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Ooooooohhhh hun that can't be good for the sole. Since starting CD I weigh every morning but that's it. i'd hate to see the scales going up throughout the day and our weight flucuates regardless so i don't see the point. Maybe stick to just the once a day at the same time, you get a more accurate reading xxx


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I will from now on... promise :) x


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I have been doing the same thing been on and off my scales like a yo yo this weekend, have even been on my mothers scales today on which I weigh 3lb's more. I think I need to stop looking it does not move the weight any faster !


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3lb's lighter in a day, lol.. Thats water retention by the sounds of it. Its hard, I try not too, but still do twice a day. Not got the answer really, its a really self absorbed diet and we want results and even though not realistic, want them quick and go to extremes. Try moving the scales to the garage or shed, or even another room, better still bung them in the boot of the car. x

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I'd say weigh yourself first thing...once...and then put the scales away in a cupboard. Out of sight out of mind. Seriously, I hid my scales and actually forgot where I'd put them for a whole year. I didn't weigh myself for a year, it was flipping bliss I tell you :0) I dug them out tho when I started CD as I was curious. xxx

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