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Wee question re. fats...

I just wanted to confirm something on the fats...these don't need to be counted into carb allowance isn't that right? And is cheese, mayo and cream counted as a fat? I'm a wee bit concerned that I have been over doing it on these items :-/ also my protein amount seems to be slowly increasing...my appetite is increasing instead of decreasing :-/ I'm on my 6th day. Cheers for any advice or tips xx
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You only need to count the carbs, not fats. We all need fats :), but some people, even the Mighty Jim find cheese does stall them. I'm fine with it. See how your first weigh in goes & if you feel you should be doing better, cut out the cheese for a bit. Hope this helps :)

PS....my appetite was HUGE the first couple of weeks, but went off then.


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Yes some days you will feel ravenous, other days you don't want to eat at all - and on those days, it's important just to have a little something, don't skip meals :)
I completely agree with LadyFelsham

I've been ravenous on some days, but barely want to touch anything other days! But make sure you do eat! Even if its a little something :)

Thanking u for ur replies :) the chances of me not eating much on any day is veeeeeery small so no problems there lol i love my grub...too much lol. I think I'm over doing it on something...with my protein even....i know i shouldnt but i have been weighing myself every day since starting and for the 1st 4 days i was loosing 1-2lbs per day and then it stalled and I actually was 1lb heavier this morning (day 6) :-/ would it be cheeky of me to post some of my menus and ask what you all think?? xx


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Post away hun - start a diary under the diary section and we can have a look.

And even though it's really tempting to weigh daily, try to just do it once a week, your weight goes up and down.


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Yes just cound carbs but remember things like cream and nuts etc do contain carbs.

As for the appetite I used to feel guilty for wanting to eat! Now I feel like a real man eating my steak and eggs :D

Cheese doesn't stall me thank God. I couldn't do Atkins without it.

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