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I've just been reading peoples comments on the shoutbox about how if you are fully hydrated then your wee should be clear.
Whats peoples thoughts on this as mine is never clear! Maybe it's because i drink more peppermint/redbush/whatever leaf/decaf coffee than i do actually plain water but it has got me thinking...:confused::confused::confused:
The only times i can remember my wee being clear is when i have been on the drink on a night out and after a few too many when you get to the stage where you can't stop visiting the loo, then it's clear but i am sure not fully rehydrated! :rolleyes:
Anyway....anyone :p
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Ooooh mines never clear either!!! Are the ketones that we're peeing out coloured?? Is the shoutbox just LT or are there other non-ketogenic peeps on there??? x
While i am on the subject, did you know that expelling the ketones in your wee can make it smell like Sugar Puffs?! I was just googling this as noticed it a few times.
Apologies if i am grossing anyone out! :)


No longer "Overweight" !
I've just been reading peoples comments on the shoutbox about how if you are fully hydrated then your wee should be clear.
Dredging up A-level biology from the recesses of my ancient brain, I'm sure this isn't right, though I can see where they're coming from... A major reason that we need to drink and consequently to wee, is in order to expel dangerous toxins from our systems (ammonia and the like, that are only safe when very diluted). Can't remember if the liver is involved as well, but certainly the kidneys process the toxins and turn them into urea which gets sent to the bladder and hey presto - urine...

Now, it's almost certainly going to be darkest in the mornings, because it's had all night getting more and more concentrated. By the same reasoning it will be much lighter when (as you pointed out) you've been drinking way more than you need and are going to the loo at very frequent intervals and therefore it's very dilute.

So, if you are de-hydrated it will be darker than average and if you are over-hydrated it will be lighter, though almost certainly never entirely clear. Expect variation throughout the day and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it varies from person to person anyway.

I would think headaches, fuzziness, dizzyness etc are all much clearer indications of de-hydration to go by. If you have none of those symptoms, and you wee at least 4 times a day, I'd think you don't need to be too worried.

I'll get my coat... :sick0019:
wee at least 4 times a day??? i am weeing about 40 times a day on this diet hahaha


No longer "Overweight" !
Well exactly! :D Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it, but I think the idea is that if it's only once or twice a day that's a pretty clear indication you're de-hydrated. Beyond that, it's so variable from person to person and dependant on intake, you can't really say what's normal. Not forgetting that you can drink and wee loads and still be de-hydrated if you have a metabolic problem, too! Drinking a lot but still feeling thirsty is a danger sign for that...

I reckon in terms of this diet, how you're actually feeling is much more relevant.

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