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WEeight loss vs inches loss

I really can't get my head round this one. last week lost 4 3/4 lbs, this week gained 1 lb but am down a full dress size! including knickers lol! Last week hubby lost not much and I had a big loss, this week he lost 3 lbs and I gained eating the same things (we are on the same points)
Go figure. Need to keep motivated so pls kick me up the bum :mad:
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Are you exercising more than him? i would say (novice on these things so could be wrong) that you are gaining muscle and toning your body. Did you measure ur husband and if so has he lost inches as well?
well done on dropping a full dress size that is very impressive
yes he has lost inches. I am not exercising at all at the mo cause i have just had a minor op to my foot. I am also hypothyroid which sometimes throws me a curve so think I have to suck it up but today has been an awful eating day. thanks for the input x
Thanks Hanna, i am in much better frame of mind today and sticking to programme like glue !! IT WILL COME OFF! Just impatient me .
I spent yesterday altering clothes to fit and was feeling good about how much I had to take in . Soon will have to get rid of them because it will be impossible to alter them any more.
the hard work is worth it as I am saving for a new wardrobe when i get to goal! So will alter what I have and shop charity shops till goal then I am going to the states for some serious retail therapy.!!
Well this week lost 2 3/4 lbs so going down again -happier thanks guys for all the encouragement xx
Well done vicki that's brill, don't worry too much what the scales say it's the inchs that counts,

Funny story actually my dad was weighed at the doctors and he weighs 10st 10lb he is 5 ft 7 & wears size xl t-shirts my daughter who is 5ft4 and weighs 10st 3 and is a size 10 and very slim, we were pretty surprised when he told us his weight the other day as he weighs not much more than my daughter but he looks like he weighs more than he does even weighed him on our scales cos thought he must of heard gp wrong lol

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Very true and I will keep on going long way to go to get to goal of 8 st 12 but will get there. xx
my start weight was 16st 4 last August, but I had a blip and a couple of minor ops had a break from discover and now using propoints so total loss of 34lbs since start with a few breaks but am losing most weeks now so hope to be at goal by end of year to near to it.
thanks long way to go yet but I WILL Get There and thanks to all the people who are giving me encouragement vicki

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