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Week 1 29lbs lost

I know there are a few of us out there so I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where we can vent our last minute concerns about Monday's WI. Of course anyone else can join in too. We all have concerns.

This week is quite a big week for me. I had a poor week last week (only losing a couple of ounces) and i have been SOOO good this week. I feel like I have to be rewarded with 1lb at least. I have done lots of exercise (14 pts so far). I really hope it has paid off for me. If I can lose 1lb this week I will be the equal lowest weight I have been since before I got pregnant with my son (almost 4 years ago). Plus I will be 1lb closer to reaching the 10s and that is a real achievement for me.

So how is everyone else feeling this week? Are we confident? Are we nervous? I know I am.

I hope everyone has had a good week :)
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I wi Mondays too.

I have really struggled to motivate myself at moment. I am determined to do this, so will try hard to sort myself out this weekend.
Heyyyy fellow Monday Clubbers (or is it just me and you Lea at the mo!?)

I lost 3lbs last WI which raised my expectations for next week, but having thought about it a bit the last day or so, I don't think its realistic to expect another big loss like that. I have been really good this week and would feel peeved by a gain or a STS, so hopefully a loss is on the cards.

I know people will say I shouldn't but I do tend to WI a couple of times during the week on my scales, just so I can see if I am losing or not. I don't expect the weight to be the same as on the WW scales but it gives me an idea of how I'm doing. So this week so far, by my scales, I have lost just over a lb, so I'm optimistic.

More importantly though, my paunch which, aside from my arms is the part of my body I most hate, seems to have almost disappeared! I have been taking water tablets this week to try and work out if water may be the problem (I had been feeling sluggish, bloated and not losing inches) and I think that must be it! Don't get me wrong, my stomach is far from flat, but BEFORE i had an actual overhang (from when I was really obese) but now it seems to have gone :D :D happy days!!

Hi - just joined this fab forum - hope u don't mind me jumping in on this thread??? I'm a Monday WI too but am doing it alone as cant afford meetings.

I'm dreading my WI this week as its been hubby's b'day so we went for a meal wiv kids (Carvery)- only had the main course, we're going out for a Chinese tonight (first time we've had babysitters for nearly a year so I felt I couldnt refuse!) and then to top it all we have our twice yearly family day out to footie tomorrow which is an all day thing as a 200 mile round trip - taking a healthy sandwich and gonna go for the lowest pointed McD's deli sandwich - What a week to be dieting!

I'm desperately trying to earn activity pts but horrified at how unfit I am :sigh:

Just hoping I don't gain too much and can get straight back on the losing route afterwards.
sorry, hijacking this thread for just a moment - Jax, at least you're thinking ahead which means you're not panicking at last minute and eating / picking things you can't fit in. As long as you can plan for eating out you'll be fine, so good luck for your weigh in on monday :)
Oh and good luck to you three too :D i'm sure you'll all do great!
Welcome Jax123. Great to have you aboard!

I am so proud of myself. Last night we both really wanted a takeaway. Instead DH cooked one instead which was obviously lower in points. I would never normally think about a takeaway and just get one whereas now i think 'how much do i really want one?'. Not as much as I want to get to 10 and a half stone!

So one more day guys. I'm sure Mondays WI will be good for all of us! It would be interesting to see what combined weight we can all shift!

Goodluck everyone x
^^^Is that 3lbs each or between us? I hope between ;)


The mother flippin'
Yay, Monday club!

I'm feeling like I may have gained or STS for the first time, but I'm not too bothered. One week is not the end of the world. I've lost 10lb in a month which is fantastic. This time next month I could be another 10lb down :)
So, 1.75lbs down for me. We can smash this 3lbs girls!

I know Anna lost 4.25lbs this morning too. I have a feeling Monday is going to be a good day for us today :)
Goodluck girls :)
Hi fellow Monday weighers. I've had to buy new scales (again!) so I'm counting this week as sts as I'm not certain how these scales compare to my old ones.
thing is though, how do you know the old ones were right? maybe THEY were wrong and these ones are right? I would just weigh yourself and say well if thats what it says, thats what I am.. and then start from there :)
oooh yay well done Lea and Anna. My WI is in an hour and a half, will be back on here about quarter to 9 to let you know how I got on. We've already smashed the 3lbs tho so no need for me to worry now eh!!?

I'm a Monday'er too!

I lost 5lbs :D x
Hiya can I also join the Monday club??? Will stick to it 100% this week and will keep my diary updated too! My WIs are Monday mornings so lets hope I have a loss next week after CD:(
Cool, our club is getting busy!

Emma, I am thrilled for you loss! That is fantastic! Well done you.
Elegantriposte, well done on your 0.5. Every single ounce counts. It's even better when you do not expect to lose. Well done.

Can't wait to have Starlight, Karen and Indian Princess on board next week. We will have to set a bigger target ;)

Well done to us :D

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