Week 1 Done - 10lb down

Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by lippy, 4 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Feeling so positive now....had a wobble earlier in the week but had my weigh in last night (after 6 days) and was surprised to see that I am 10lbs lighter....certainly did not feel 10lbs lighter and felt so bloated yesterday....

    Good luck to everyone starting / weighing-in this week xx
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  3. surrey_flower

    surrey_flower Full Member


    I'm not surprised you're feeling positive :)
    That's fantastic - my first weigh in is Friday and I'd love to lose 7lb just to get into the next weight category. Seeing all these amazing losses is enough to keep me on the wagon I think.

    Fab!! :)
  4. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    Well done Lippy! That's a great loss for 6 days. Here's hoping I can have a loss like that. I'm currently on day 4.

    Starting Weight: 188lbs
  5. Hi, that's so great you have all your goals listed below. so happy you have lost that much! I have just had a baby he is 3 months old and I want to loose 12kgs. im just finishing my first day. was surprisingly easy :)
  6. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Thanks surrey_flower, I am sure you will do well too...keep drinking the water, will keep my fingers crossed for you. I am finding this forum is fab for motivation...plus I went out on a date this afternoon and had one cup of green tea and one cup of peppermint tea...lol..such a cheap date at the moment!! Luckily the guy i met is going "dry" for January and training for a 1/2 marathon so he is on a health kick too....

    Have a great week and i'll look out for your posts to spur you on xx
  7. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Thank you so much Rozziebabe85 - are you on CD? if so, then I think most people have largest losses in their first week. Good luck, hope it goes well...only a few more days until you weigh in ...let me know how you get on x
  8. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Cheers hon - yes my goals serve as a daily reminder to myself to get my arse in gear.....well done on day 1, I actually found day 1 the hardest but once you are in the flow and stay focused you will be ok....Best of luck to you x
  9. surrey_flower

    surrey_flower Full Member

    Aww bet you felt good going on a date after that weight loss :)
    Hmmm I'm loving the idea of telling people I'm being good for a half marathon!! Honestly no I'm not dieting just detoxing my body for a half marathon - all size 24 of me!!!! Hmmm maybe not lol
    Hate the thought of telling people I'm dieting as they can be soooooo negative :(
  10. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Yes I agree with you about people being negative about diets..then they start asking questions as to whether it is healthy and blah blah blah and then they try to jeopardise your results....I now only tell people who need to know - and the others I will show them the work in progress results when I see then at start of February...lol...
  11. surrey_flower

    surrey_flower Full Member

    That's exactly what I intend to do, my mum
    lives miles away so probably won't see her till the summer. I don't know why but she's anti diet saying there isn't anything wrong with me - apart from I'm unhealthy and more importantly unhappy!
    We'll show em :)
  12. LilyPotter

    LilyPotter Silver Member

    Wow excellent start!! Hope I can do as well on my restart :) x
  13. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Keep it going and I am sure you will do great....x
  14. nmninos

    nmninos Full Member

    10lbs brilliant!
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