Week 1 into Cambridge diet


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Hey everyone

My names rebecca in 23 and live in kent mum to a little girl whos just turnt one
Me and my partner have both just completed our first week on the cambridge diet. Were doing the sole source + option as i need a small meal to keep me on track
My consultant comes to me every mon at 6pm so last week she came and got us set to go. To weigh in we had to use out own scales which are absolutely rubbish. One min i was 12st 11 then 12.7 then 11.7. Madness. So i dont no what my true starting weight was as im usually 12.5 but that was before xmas. Im weighin in on boots scales at 12.5 a week into it so im a bi disheartened as i thought i was that to start with. Maybe i was 12.11. Il never know but it doesnt mean im quittin or cheatin im
More focused now as im bigger then i thought. Im 5ft3 and dont carry the weight well at all so goal weigh is 9st maybe more when i get there. Il see how i do.
Im lucky my partner is doin it to. Hes 34 5ft9 and weighing 19st 13 accordin to weigh in hes lost 11lbs in first week
So im having 3 shakes a day so shake for breakfast a soup for lunch a dinner and then a hot choc shake and my water
Thinkin of droppin the meal this week as everyday is gettin easier and the meals are becomming harder to eat even though there tiny my stomach is obviously shrinkin. Or just full of water
Wonder if anyone is doin the meal aswell and how there loss is going. Any meal tips. Would you advise to try sole source or will it make me crack. Was thinkin of either just havin a packet of prawns as my meal and munchin a couple throughout the day. Dont know what to do. My partner says he needs the meal to keep him going so it will be hard to loose it if hes eatin it. So maybe some tips on the meals and wat to have. I dont want to mess it up by eatin the wrong things
Thank you :)
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