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Week 1 Loss & Ketosis Test

As you've all probably guessed by now, I'm a worrier!!
Went for my first week weigh in lastnight to be told I've lost 7lbs in a week...I was pretty chuffed with myself but a little disheartened because it was same weight loss as I'd had on Monday at my first pop in and since then I've upped my water to 6ltrs a day so it hasn't really made much of a difference.
Also, most of the other girls in the group were 10-12lbs off in the week so I was struggling on behind which I'm baffled by drinking 6ltrs a day and not cheating!!??? :confused:
Also...when I did the Ketosis test, mine was the 2nd darkest purple!..a few of the other girls had the same colour (even the one who lost the most in the week at 12lbs)..but my LLC said that it shouldn't be as dark (I had previously assumed the darker the better!!)..she said it should be more near the middle...she said it could be not enough water (but we decided against that as I'm doing 6ltrs and have never dropped to below 4), she asked if I'd just had a pack and I said no...so there was no explanation. Now I'm worried I'm not burning fat like I should be and I'm not going to get my 3lbs off a week!! :sigh:

Anyone had this problem/can help????
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The darker the ketostix the more dehydrated you are - so ideally you should be lighter pink. Had you had water before doing the test??? It doesn't matter how much you've had previously if you do the test after a long delay in drinking it will show dehydrated. ie first wee of the morning is darker than after half an hour after drinking a pint or two of water. Does that make sense???!!

As for the amount you have lost - well done on 7lb!!!! And don't compare yourself to anyone else!! This is your weight loss journey and everyone loses at different amounts etc. Maybe you were holding onto fluid and will have a really good loss next week.

Try to space your water consumption out evenly throughout the day as that helps too.

Good luck!
Thanks for the reassurance...I drink 4ltrs at work so over a period of 9 hours. But lastnight I finished work at 4.30pm and then from then I didn't have any water until about 7.15 and that's when I went to my class...I drank a 500ml bottle just before doing my Ketosis test and it came up dark purple (2nd darkest).

Do you think that's a problem?

I'm worried that it won't get any lighter the test and I'm doing everything I should be (atleast I think I am!!).
If I can go 3.5lbs a week I'll be fine but I really don't want to drop to less than that and am fearing that as my first week's loss wasn't as much (and often first week is pretty high) that as that was only water retention really, when I go next week my loss will have dropped drastically...

I didn't think this diet could fail but am starting to get anxious about the possibility....


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Yes I think the delay between drinking your last lot of water before finishing work and then doing the ketostix test (the bottle before hand wouldn't have had time to go through your system) is the reason for the darker test. If you are really worried buy some from a chemists and do your own tests every now and then ... but to be honest if you are in ketosis you are in ketosis - there is no degree of being in it!

There is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn't average at a stone a month every month if you stick to packs, drink your water and don't have anything else ... but you can't always guarantee 3.5lb per week - so 1week you could lose 5lb and the 2nd 2lb if you see what I mean??

Try not to worry - drink your water throughout the day and watch the pounds slip away!


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Hi scotsnat,

7lbs. weight loss for the first week is very good that is a half a stone! Your half way there already to the guidelines of a stone a month if you can look at it like this.

All you can do is to follow the diet and after that your body will decide how your weight comes off.

You will get a clearer picture of your own unique weight loss as time goes on.

Love Mini xxx
I just wondered if when they say it's a guaranteed (well pretty much guaranteed) stone a month loss that it really does happen...I mean I know it's been said a million times before but I could lose maybe 2lbs a week by actually eating! (just more healthily) and exercising...
I want this diet to work for me but I'm only 1 week in and am having doubts..it's not a good start nor is it the motivation I need to carry on.

I know it's half a stone so I'm on target for a stone this month but the first week is always more...it's not going to be like that from now on....


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Hi scotsnat,

Like you I was disappointed with my first week weight loss - I lost 9lbs. I know that's more than you have lost in your first week but compared to the others in my group I was just trotting behind. One woman lost 15lbs in the first week, two others lost 11lbs and one lost 13lbs. You can imagine how I felt when the only other person who had lost 9lbs admitted to eating cake!!!!!

I also "suffer from" the dark ketosis stick and despite assuring my LLC that I drink in excess of 6ltrs a day I still get told off!!

But the good news is that unlike others in my group, my weight loss has been consistent and by the end of week 7, I had lost 2stones and 2lbs. I now wear size 12 jeans and am delighted with my progress.

Others in my group may have had a quicker losses at the start but for some reason or other, the quick losers had weeks when they "stalled" i.e. no losses at all or else maybe just a pound.

So you need to hang in there. I don't know how much you have to lose (I had only the 3stone) but the less you have to lose the slower it can be.

My LLC has warned me to expect very slow weight losses from now on but I'm still hoping to do at least 3lbs a week - we'll see.

Just Do It

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Hi Scotsnat,
I worried loads at first, but after 6 weeks of just sticking to it I've realised it really does work.

When you say you can lose two pounds a week doing a conventional diet you are right but for me that only happened every few weeks after gaining and losing the same pound over and over.

With LL every week your total adds up and it doesn't take long before you realise you have lost a couple of stones.

Don't worry about your stick colour, everyone seems to get different results that have little affect on their weight loss in our group.

I tried the 6 litres a day and 4 litres a day and for me I actually lose better on 4 litres. I have been averaging 3.5 a week so I'm thrilled with that.

Keep on it and be positive. It will all come off if you stick to the rules.

Thanks for that Claire...I'm just worrying as my first week wasn't a HUGE result like I was expecting, am worried it'll slow to less than 3-3.5lbs a week which is my target. If I could lose 3.5lbs a week I'd be over the moon! I want to lose about 85lbs and I'd like it off by November if I can.

I hope the loss is going to even up over the weeks and equate to that stone a month...

Because we only get a few mins with the LLC when we get weighed and collect our packs, there isn't the time to ask all these questions on a one to one and get some advice/reassurance...thank god for this site!!


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Hiya Scotsnat,
RELAX!!! trust in the programme, have your water and packs and let your body do the rest! :D

If you have set yourself up to loose 3.5lb a week, you may be dissapointed if you don't reach that, but by looking at your losses over a Month rather than weekly you'll see the overall picture :)

Also don't compare your losses to others, 7lbs in your first week is fine, just keep plodding along. Why not use the group session to bring up your worries, sure you'll get lots of support :D

Good luck!


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It sure will SN :p I know where you're coming from tho, you prob think, 'it works for everyone else but bet it won't work for me!' Just you wait and see! Soon enough you'll be reassuring another newbie, who feels just how you do now :D

Keep shaking
Thanks Geri!!...fingers crossed..will see how I get on next Thursday and hopefully not be back on here next Friday morning complaining of another disappointing loss!!


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st2lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.54%)
Thanks Geri!!...fingers crossed..will see how I get on next Thursday and hopefully not be back on here next Friday morning complaining of another disappointing loss!!
Be sure to do your body measurements from head to toe...

neck, bust waist, hips, thighs, knees, ankles, upper arms and wrists:)

As the weeks pass and when you feel you have a low weight one week as happens this is most likely the week when you come down in inches sometimes and seeing the inches come off is also very satisfying.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Hi Scotsnat, I think a lot of us have felt the same as you.
As others have said you will lose 1 stone a month if you stick to abstinence & drink the water, it may be 1lb one week, 6lb the next but it will equate to on average a stone a month.
It seems that the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off.
I've tried every diet imaginable & they worked for a while & then I put all the weight & more back on.
You said that you could lose 2lbs a week on a diet with food, but you certainly would not be able to keep losing a stone a month on those diets & you can't guarantee weight loss every week.
I have never lost this amount of weight on any diet I've tried before & especially not in this time frame.
Just remember you will have bad days, but the good outweigh the bad & you will find this is the easiest & the most difficult diet you'll probably ever do, but it works & eventually you will get to goal.
Good Luck.


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I was going to write my weight losses on your other thread about your pop-in as I was a slow loser too but still lost 6 stone!

Here they are:
Week 1 - 6 lbs (less than you!)
Week 2 - 2 lbs
Week 3 - 3.5 lbs
Week 4 - 3 lbs
Week 5 - 5 lbs
Week 6 - 1 lb
Week 7 - 4 lbs
Week 8 - 3 lbs
Week 9 - 3 lbs
Week 10 - 6.5 lbs
Week 11 - 6 lbs
Week 12 - 1.5 lbs
Week 13 - 3 lbs
Week 14 - 8 lbs
Week 15 - 5 lbs
Week 16 - 3 lbs

So by the end of Foundation I'd lost 4 st 10 lbs.

A slow start doesn't mean that you'll carry on losing slowly. Have faith in the program.

Keep to your 6 litres if you can. As you can see from my losses sometimes your body needs a while to adjust. I was told that if you have yo-yo'd most of your life as I had, that your body is more adept at holding on to weight initially and it needs time to have a cumulative effect.

Just wait until your body wakes up and thinks "oh, ok, so THIS is what we're doing now, we're losing weight. Ok then, NOW I know what to do"
To 6stlost..thanks so much for writing your losses..that has definitely given me a bit more confidence that this might work for me...my LLC said only to drink 6ltrs a day if I feel I need it..am not sure I do? I don't exactly feel 'forced' to drink 6ltrs but am just drinking it constantly trying to make it up to 6ltrs...I don't want extra water to cause my loss to slow (am sure there can be such a thing as too much water which might slow losses)...did you exercise while you were on the programme? If you have any tips they'd be much appreciated..as I've only been going 1 week I'm looking for some support and it's great to get some from someone who has been there in my shoes...your results are fantastic! 4 stone 10 in 14 weeks...wow!!! :)


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With regard to water - do what intuitively feels right for you. I thought 6 litres made all the difference for me but, from what others have said, it was different for them. Listen to your body and trust yourself.

I did exercise. I did toning and cardio at the gym - mainly toning as I was worried about saggy skin. The toning exercises really worked. Plus I swam. I did either swim or gym 2-3 times a week.

No tips really other than to make sure you do your homework. Actually doing the exercises, rather than just reading them, makes all the difference.
Thanks again 6stlost...by toning do you mean like legs, bums 'n' tums type classes/body pump (using weights etc on core muscles)?? I planned to swim 3 times a week and do Pilates once a week (all for an hour each)??
I'm ok with cardio - I can do swimming and there's also body combat classes I fancy (energising routines like aerobics but combining punching/kicking moves etc from martial arts)...but on the toning side I'd love some advice as I'm very worried about saggy skin!!!! You've been a fantastic help/confidence boost by the way...:)


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I don't like classes so I just use the machines in the gym. I asked an instructor to devise me a toning program that targeted all the bits that were likely to go saggy so I did machines for triceps, biceps, inner thigh, chest, shoulders and back, and did core exercises for a flat tummy (the plank and heel digs - your instructor can tell you how to do them if you're interested).

Body combat sounds like a good one to do and the pilates would be great too. I only swim for 30 mins but I'm a lap swimmer so I don't rest in that time.

Do whatever takes your fancy. I'm not an expert on fitness by any means. You'll find things you enjoy and don't enjoy and you'll find things that do and don't give you the results you want.

Anyway, gotta run now and deal with housework (what fun) so stop stressing, go out and enjoy your day and enjoy your journey - it's not all meant to be gloom and doom :)

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