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week 1 maintenance


serial poster
and 1lb down!

last week they miscalculated and said i was 3lbs down on refeed but infact was only 1lb which is fine and this week just got weighed and another 1lb off!!

its been fine so far too..apart from using the refeedinging week as a base, ive also had a packet of marmite ricecakes one day and on friday, a scrummy cheese and mustard cheese straw :)

other than that, no real temptation

one thing though, im now wearing size 8/10 stuff and it feels rather wierd...its not even something i was striving for! i always said id be happy as a size 12 but once i got to that its sort of dropped off. perhaps its all to do with combining it with exercise (which im now doing 4x a week) but hey, im healthy, happy, fit and thats fine by me!!

im not boasting btw, just saying how its all going xxxx

h xx
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heya thats a really inspiring story. i 2 am aiming for a size 12, currently into a 16 but was boardering on the 16/18 mark. stories like yours make me realise whats achieveable if i set my mind to it, and of course no cheating on the way! its my 21st birthday on thursday so that'll be my real test and away this weekend but i'll just come back and take a look at how great you have done and i'm sure i will manage!

sorry for rambling on. only really wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS you look really great. heres to a happy healthy future. WELL DONE!

take care
dionne xxx
Id say that must be real weird when you are clothes shopping! I bet you never in a million years thought you would achieve what you have.

When you are big you nearly resign yourself to the fact that thats the way its gonna be and your miserable

You deserve a big pat on the back for sticking it out and being so successful with maintanence.

Thanks for posting your progress because it is a real inspiration to those who are still on lipotrim and scared silly about going back onto food. I know I am - but when I read yours and Tracys storys I feel reassured that when the time comes I will be fine. xx
Chuffed the re-feed is going well for ya.. can't believe you're still losing on it - well done you!!!!
Congrats on getting to size 8-10, that's amazing!!



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Wow and well done that is bloody fabulous. I bet you have jave to remind yourself to pick up the smaller sizes, we are all so used to hiding the label I always make sure my hanger is on show now -lol! a massive congrats to you hun, so glad refeed is going well also, you totally deserve it.xx


Back again - hey ho!
Thats amazing Harriet, we need a new super sexy pic now! :D are you going to do the before and after thing in the gallery?
I hope I do as well as you, I've never ever been a size 8 - 10!!!! xxxx


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Well done hun you are doing really really well! Def proves it can be done! I am going to be weighed this afternoon...i didnt go last week as im weaning my self off lol xxx


Back again - hey ho!
Aw, hehee, good luck Tracy, do you know roughly if you've lost again this week? x
Well done Harri thats great, you seem very happy and so you should be xxxxxx
thats brilliant harriet well done you!! Oh you are making my mouth water now :( ah Its ok I will head for my water instead!!
Well done Harriet - really great that you have done so well. Your an inspriration to us all x


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thanks guys for the positive feedback..after id posted i was worried people would think im 'up my own a*se lol but im honestly not, just amazed and surprised at how LT has worked for me and in this way. yeah pineapple, your right..im looking at the size 18/16 stuff and then thinking, noooo look at the other smaller stuff...its such a boost i cant tell you :)

i think we all deserve a pat on the back for sticking it out cause it is bl**dy hard going, whatever we all say to the positive, especially i found towards the end :)

ive given myself another goal now that if six months down the line im still the same and i fully intend to be, im gonna get another tattoo. ive one of a tribal lizard on my right shoulder which i had done 5 years ago but im designing another one to go on my lower back :) my present to myself when i reach six months maintenance :)!!

hugs to everyone

h xx


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Awh wow great idea!!
Im doing the same only im getting mine hopefully this week end woo hoo cant wait :D

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