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Week 1 = minus 10lb !!!!!!!!!!

Hello my fellow Lipotrimmers!

First weigh in and i've lost 10lb!!!!! I kind of knew it as i could see/feel the results before i stepped on those scales today. Well, i HAVE to say the first 4 days were incredibly difficult, I was thinking of giving up as I couldn't see how I would cope with this diet for couple of days let alone weeks, but it's all good now. I was thinking of doing just three weeks, but now I want to go all the way until I reach my goal. 20kg weight loss seemed impossible and unachievable 7 days ago.... but now I actually think I CAN DO IT!

I feel better and feel my body got used to LT now, I feel lighter and have more energy.... so I am hitting the gym from tomorrow to aid the weight loss. I'm not going to do anything strenous, just take it easy and try to burn a few extra calories & tone a bit. I want to maximize Week 2 weight loss.

I have to say I am not getting much support from my pharmacy - the lady in charge of LT was away when I first went in and today she hardly spoke to me when she weighed me and sold me the next week's supply, but THANKFULLY there is this forum which has been a great help, inspiration, source of info and support.

I wish I had known about this diet ages ago - it would have saved me so many self-conscious & "down" days.... but better late than never. I WILL BE SLIM and I WILL FEEL GOOD IN MY OWN SKIN... Because CONFIDENCE is a key to so many things... ;-)

Have a good day everyone and good luck in your own LP quests

Mon xxx :girlpower:
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Well done, that is a really good loss.

I'm sorry the lady in the pharmacy is so dis-interested, but hey you have all the crazy people on here to help and encourage you.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on a great week one result. You have the hardest part over. You will quickly get into the routine now and you won't feel hungry at all. Keep up your water intake and you will be fine. lots of luck.
Fantastic you have done so well. Keep up the good work!!
Well done! That's a fantastic loss!!

The people in my pharmacy are useless as well! Luckily the forum is here!

Sounds like you're really into the swing of it & will make it through :)



Eyes on the Prize!!
Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats a fantabulous loss. You are well on the way to your goal!!
Brilliant loss Mon! Congratualtions!

You've a great attitude and you so right - you can do this. If you want something badly enough, you can achieve it with determination and focus. Those 20kg will begone in a blink of an eye.

LT does wonders for your self confidence, and the great losses really spur you on. Feeling lighter is such a great feeling. Take it easy at the gym for the first couple of weeks. Your body will soon tell you if you're pushing it too much. If it tells you this - slow down or stop. I've been gyming it from around week 3/4 and it has helped me so much. I'm now a full gym addict, and that will continue when I stop LT and go on to maintenance.

Your pharmacist is an ignorant cow! I would have told her so. She's there to not only sell you the product but to support you! That's her job! How rude of her. Keep coming on here for support. People in here most probably know more about LT than she does!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Don't look back into the past. You're doing it now, so make the most of it!

Thank you so much for all the thumbs up, it means a lot!

Started my second week this morning and found the ice cold strawberry shake whipped to prefection actually quite yummy haha.

Apart from the weight loss, i can already see other benefits. I am cold - yes, but this is actually quite a welcomed change for me as I was always too warm and sweating too much - this has now miraculously disappeared. My skin and my hair look much better too, not so oily anymore. And all that in just one week! I would have never believed it....

Have a good LT day everyone! xxx
That is fantastic, well done on such a great first week. Just like you i was struggling badly yesterday (day 3) and didnt think i could carry on but the people on this forum have helped me keep focused and made me realise i can and will do it this time with their help and support.

That's a brilliant first loss!!! I'm on day 3 today too and still struggling a bit, but this has made me see the light at the end of the tunnel!!


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Ten whole pounds!!!!! thats brilliant. Well done : ) Just think how many weeks it would have taken on something like WW. 'Take 2 off, put 1 on, stay the same'. Its well worth the hardship x

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