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Week 1 weigh in


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Right, week 1 weigh in and I've lost 5lbs in total. All of those 5lbs were at the start of the week, haven't even lost a 0.0 point in the past 3 days. Not sure what on earth I'm doing wrong if anything. Anyway, it's a loss, bit fed up if you can't tell! Still, it's 5lbs down from last week x
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Wow thants still a great loss ! I had 7lb loss on week 1 and you have less to lose than me ..... i'm always hearing people say the less you have to lose the slower it comes off !! Just think even if you only lose 2 lbs next week thats still half a stone in a fortnight ....thats then possibly a stone in a month....sounds good to me !! Keep up the good work :) xx
Ah I can understand you're disapointed as it's the first week, but still 5lb is great! It's in right direction :) You'll probably find you'll have a sudden drop in the next couple of days, keep going you're doing really well!
thats a victory wicky ..great start ..just think if you can manage to stay off the scales till your next WI it will no doubt be a nice big number..

GOOD LUCK xxxxxxxxxx
You're not doing anything wrong! Well done on a fab 5lb loss xx


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Awww babes, cheer up. I bet theres gonna be a big drop this wk. It can be a little annoying when alot people around are constantly losing in double figures... but it is a loss at the end of the day. Ur doin so well... another 2-3 wks n youll be at ur target weight :) I would strongly recommend not weighing urself till next wk now.... challenge ursself to stay away from those scales ofr a nice big surprise on the next WI ;)

Hugs xxx


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Thanks everyone, am just a bit deflated today, I really expected at least another lb off! Still, I've got all these sachets and I've paid for them and I'm damn well going to finish them! I mean, dropping to 600 calories, it has to show eventually!!! Hopefully sooner rather than later, have my final fitting for bridesmaid dress at the end of the month...this is what's stressing me, it's not just losing weight, it's got a deadline!
You're doing great - I find the deadline spurns me on a bit harder though have a longer one but much more to lose!

Get on the water! x


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Will do Nonni!!! When are you bridesmaid? Are you one of many?! I am one of three and the other two are a size 8! Pressure!!! ;)


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God no, if I only lose 2lbs next week I'd be off, you can lose that on SW or WW and still eat food! In fact, even the thought of only losing 2lbs next week is making me feel worse!!!! *I'm obviously nuts* ;) You're a sweetheart, I know your comment was supposed to make me feel better but it's just kind of made me panic!!! ;)
Aww no! I meant as an absolute minimum you're bound to loose a couple of lbs, but all you need is 2 to make it to half a stone! So bonus! Lol. I do know what you mean about WW etc.. though, I sometimes was able to loose 4lbs in a week and still eat, so if I don't see some good 5lb + numbers consistently then I'll be concerned. I bet it's just our bodies getting into the sync of things and the losses will become bigger and consistent. Xxx


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Exactly hun! I kind of feel like I've lost the absolutely minimum I expected to and everyone says, 'Your first week the losses are great', so am dreading losing less than 5lbs next week! Will muck up all my plans!!!


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just dont forget were all individuals with individual weight losses...doesnt make us want to be our target weight immediately though does it lol

h xxx

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