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week 1 weight loss less than expected....

Hi guys,
I am really pleased to find this forum and have loved reading all the great stories and advice.

My niece did LT and I thought I'd give it a go too. She lost 9lb in her first week and 5lbs in the second. She was only about a stone and a half overweight.

I am over three stone overweight and lost 5lb this week. I know 5lbs is 5lbs but its doesn't seem so much for the extremeness of the diet. I stuck to it 100% and drank 3-4 litres of water a day. I can't help but be disappointed.

Also I see that not many people lose more in the second and third weeks than the first - so now I am really anxious about continuing with it.

Perhaps I am not looking at from the right perspective? Any advice gratefully received!
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hi misha! the weight will come off real quick! think about if u lose 4 pound every 3 weeks u will be down near a stone each time!!!! its hard to stick to and doesnt get easier if u cheat at all but i promise u its well worth the sacrafice! good luck next week? :) i hope u decide to keep going!!!
Hi misha,

I lost 5lbs in week 1 too and have accepted that it'll be around 3lb per week - this is more than I could lose on any other diet I've tried so I'm sticking with it.

Having said that, it seems that other people's losses go up and down and some weeks they get a bigger loss than others. I think the diet affects us all differently. I guess what I'm saying is that if you're serious about losing weight - you WILL lose on LT but there are no guarantees that it will be as fast as some others.

I hope you stick with it and just watch those pounds dropping off week by week!

Peggie xx


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hey hun,
congrats on the loss this week,and trivenham is right as the average on these diets is a stone a month so you are well on traget.
try not to compare weight loss with your niece as all our bodies are different and we all lose at different rates.
are you due your totm,as this would cause you to retain water.
try to stay strong as i know it can be hard especially if we have a weigh in that we are not happy with,we give up so much to do it and expect so much back in return and when we dont get it it can disheartening but please just keep going and i bet next week you will be thrilled with your loss,
I only lost 4 and a half pounds on my first week (although it wasn't a complete week - only 5 days) but the second week I lost 6 and a half. Try not to worry cos 5lb is still a fantastic loss and they reckon you will lose on average a stone every month which has been true for me. There's no other diet where you could maintain that kind of a loss. So, try to worry about it and know that as you've stuck to it 100% you will be successful! Well done hun. xx


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hey hun 5lbs is good and dont be too disapointed and how you know your second week gonna be a low one unless you try. stick at it and see how it goes!


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I would be disappointed with that as well for a first week, even though it is really good, as you obviously see that people can lose loads. But it is a fab plan that works brilliantly and I would strongly recommend you carry on for another week at least.

At first it feels really hard core but as the weeks go by the lbs just melt away and there is no other diet except other VLCD's that guarantee a stone a month. If I were you I would think 2.5 to 3stone off by Xmas rather than focusing on this week.

Sorry to ramble but be proud you got through your first week 100% and don't stress about the amount. Good luck for week2 x
welll done on your loss hun!! i know its less than you wanted but its still a loss and your heading in the right direction. but 5lbs is really good for your first week! i hope you stick with it!! it will be worth it in the end!!:)


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I can understand you feeling disappointed, but I think at least give it a month, you can do a month, and then, if you still feel like it's not for you then change to something else. xxxx


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Have to agree with the others, I know I am not in a position to talk yet as my weight losses have been ok...but I know I will be dissapointed the week I hit 1 pounds (will be posting here like a shot then ) but then am going to just have to focus on the fact that is 1 pounds in the right direction towards my goals.
Other well known diets I have done have had me 2 pounds off 1 pound on....and I realy can't recall seeing anyone here have a weight gain from LT if they have been 100%.
Imagine carrying 5 pounds of spuds around with you every where you go........
thanks guys for taking the time to reply to me. I will stick with it and see how I get on....and in the meantime keep reading the boards for inspiration!

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