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Week 1 WI confusion with conversion

I have just had my first weigh in today but really cant get my head around the conversions. If i throw my figures at you, can someone help me work it out in Stones & Pounds please?

Starting weight 80.3kg
First WI 76.2kg

Also, how many lbs have i lost this week? I have a feeling its rubbish! :sigh:

Thanks! xx
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Starting weight = 12st 9lb
First WI = 12st
Well done, a loss of 9lb.
i get 80.3kg as 12 stone 6lb??
but then that doesnt make sense lol... prob a rubbish converter im using lol
Yeah i have had major problems with converters! I hate metric!!
Thank you for clearing that up! Much appreciated and thank you for the chart. It really will help me keep track!

Although i had no idea how much i lost when i stood on scales at WI, i knew had had lost something and was really chuffed (at the end of the day a loss is a loss).
Pharmacist was a right cow though. After asking how i felt, first thing that came out of her mouth was "other people have lost more than you!" No well done or anything even though my face was beaming! Was a bit of a kick in the teeth so been feeling quite low all day after that comment.

Anyway really pleased with that loss! Beaming again woooo!



I will do this!!!
I get it as 12.6 stone with my conversions too.


I will do this!!!
When I get weighed the pharmacist puts in all the details in KGs then goes back into my file and it brings up weights and BMI's etc in either stones or KGs. But you have to go back into the computer system to get this. Ask them to do that next time. They also write down my weight in stones and my BMI on a little card for me. Hope this helps.


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1kg = 2.20462262lbs

so 4.1kg = 9lbs (or 4.1 bags of sugar) well done :D
Oh dear... Arrrgh i just dont know what is right! I would ask mine but shes a bit of a B*tch (pardon my french)
Everythings such a chore for her. I guess il never know! :D
Fab! Thats a great one. You can convert kilograms to stone and pounds directly with that! Saved to favourites for next week! x


Positivity is the key
hi sorbet -kiss,
firstly congratulations on your weight loss, that's a fantastic first week. Secondly sorry about your chemist, what was wrong there? she really does appear to have a personality difficulty, which is not good dealing with the public. However you had a great week and that is what you should remember, you don't need the support of the chemist - although it would be ideal - you have the rest of us on here to rant to when you feel down and brag to when you have a weight loss like that. Well done again and best of luck for the coming week.
ooops, Thanks Dorin
I really dont know what her problem is. She was off with me from the start. I think its just her nature as was sat waiting for ten mins today and noticed she was the same with other staff members. She just made me feel like a bit of a failure walking out today but sod it, i feel fantastic 9lbs lighter! I do realise there are a lot of people who do have higher losses, but there are various factors affecting each individual and i think she was just a bit too quick to criticise me. Rant over :D x
Firstly I want to congratulation you with your fantastic weight loss, that is fantastic results:happy096: and secondly I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with your chemist:( they are meant to be motivating you! All I can say is try and put it out of your head and focus on your great success and on the upside you know you can come here whenever you need cheering up, we'll all be here for you, keep up the fantastic work :bliss:
bl**dy brilliant as they say!

Congratulations Sorbet :woohoo:on your brilliant first WI result!!!

Sorry to hear about the cranky auld chemist but what doesn't kill you defo makes you stronger, eh?!? LOL

And about people having higher losses than 9 lbs - the result really depends on your gender, starting weight and individual amount of water and glycogen stored in your cells. The more fat and muscle cells in the body, the more water and glycogen molecules are present (as these attach to the fat and muscle cells). Which explains some people losing a stone in the first week etc. Bearing in mind that you don't have so much weight to lose (ie. less fat & muscle cells in your body) than some other folk - your loss result was truly fantastic!

Bring on the party - Yeah Baby!!!!




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9 lbs weight loss is brilliant. I'm larger than you and I had the same 1st week loss. The lady at the pharmacy was delighted with me over it. So it must be your grumpy lady that has the problem.

Well done, and give yourself a good pat on the back. Brilliant.


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I's pretty easy you can roughly say that there are 7 Kg's in a stone and 0,5 Kg in a pound!

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