Week 1 WI ........

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by determinator, 2 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. determinator

    determinator Banned

    OMG , I have just had my 1st weigh in , and have lost 12 lb in 7 days !! unbelievable !!! shame it wont carry on that fast but it is incredible :)
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  3. scatty

    scatty Member

    Wow well done :D thats brill!!! im on day 3 hope i get a good 1st WI, i dont feel as if ive lost anything yet ,lol im asking for miracles
  4. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    well done hun, a good first loss really motivates you to stick to it.

    good luck for next weeks wi.

    x x
  5. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    super hun!!
    you must feel on top of the world.
    bet your motivated to tackle the week ahead now x
  6. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Silver Member

    wow great first weigh in what a loss!! amazing keep it up and the second weigh in will be here before you know it!!:)
  7. Jeep

    Jeep Otherwise known as Jools

    Well done you - now you have the motivation to carry on and see how well you will do next week. It will become almost an addiction to see how much you lose each week :D :D
  8. Shaz1980

    Shaz1980 Full Member

    Well done that is amazing and really makes it all worthwhile. I have done lots of diets in the past but never had anything like the same results as LT.
  9. fatisnofun

    fatisnofun Full Member

    Well done! Thats nearly a stone, go you!!!:D
  10. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Well done, that is a great first week motivation for you.
  11. JD89

    JD89 Full Member

    Thats fantastic! :)
  12. barbie77

    barbie77 Member

    Well done!!! omg!!! You are my inspiration, fingers crossed i do half as well as you.

    Keep up the good work!!
  13. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    Amazing loss! Fabulous, well done! That loss will fill you full of determination for the weeks ahead. You're off to a flying start!

    Nearly 5% of your body weight gone in a week! LT really is the dog's wotsits!
  14. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Fabulous first loss hun you will be rushing into week 2 so happy. Yes it wont be the same next week but next week it will be all fat coming off and you will have already lost a stone in just 2 weeks. well done.
  15. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    What a flying start!! well done. This will keep you motivated for next week. Gives you a great buzz, doesn't it!!

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