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week 10 of lipo trim

hi everyone i am on week 10 of lipo and was doing really well i started at 14st 6lb and last week i was 11stone 2 lb ,problem is i had a bad weekend and gave in to temptation i orderd a small cod i eat half of it and 5 chips and a bit of my sons battered sausage i feel really down now i have let my self down,i had got passed the stage of dreaming/wanting food but since sunday i just want to eat again ,i get weighed every saturday and done know what to say to them do i lie or tell the truth has anyone else had a bad time and eat somthink simuler how much weight did you put on im dreading my weigh in now,really need some support now i am struggling again ,i have a wedding in may and august i really want to beable to wear a nice dress and feel convedient in it,good luck to all of you
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You've done 10 weeks and NOW you slipped up.....I think you've done fantastically well. Ok you had a minor set back on the weekend, trust me that's nothing compared to what I ate on the weekend.... I must have ate 2 weeks worth of calories in a weekend. I'm back on the shakes today and feeling much better about myself already. You can still carry on with Lipotrim so don't beat yourself up about it any longer.


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just tell them its only one slip up and this is about changing ur food habits and some of that is being honest to ourselfs about wat we eat so will be good practise


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No point in lying. That's the kind of negative behaviour with food that needs to stop. I know because I feel exactly the same!!

It's like you want to hide the fact you had a weakness instead of celebrating the fact you have been hugely succesful and strong!

Its hard to reprograme but I know where you are coming from. You don't have to lie. Admit you had a blip and move on. I told my chemist and she said "you've done so well so don't feel down" it felt good hearing it as I thought she would turn and say "oh for gods sake why cant you stick to it"

Good luck for your weigh in xx


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you have done really well, just tell the truth, we are human you know and this is a hard diet. Just get back on track and then you will feel heaps better for your target dates, good luck.
thankyou every one i was planning on telling them but then panicked they might say i cant do it anymore if i cant stick to it, i have just changed my chemist last week so need to get to know them my old chemist were useless thanks for your kind words and good luck to you all


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Well done you for going so long, look at it as a blip and put it behind you, I had a planned refeed over the weekend as I went away I couldn't get over how full I got on so little, had a fish dish in a restuarant that came with a sort of Mayo on it and light batter which i took off then stupidly ate a kit kat got up in the morning and was literally sick not sure if too rich or dodgey fish it has taken a few days to get back to it, had a spoonful of rice and a taster of chocolate yesterday, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it as if I wasn't doing LT it WOULD have been far worse, keep at it you've done so well and keep us updated!!
well brandon i had the same slip up fish and chips i felt like i was useless but got straight bk on and lost 4lb that week so u may be surprised gd luck let me know how u get on xtammy

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