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week 10 weigh in


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hey guys,nice to see ya x

been for weigh in today and lost 2lb.had a bigger than normal loss last week so i guess its evening out a bit.

really struggled with drinking more than 2 litres of water every day this week too.
just cant put it in when i'm so bleeding cold all the time.
i'm a cold person anyway and with doing lipotrim and the cold weather at the moment i'm finding it tough.

i don't drink tea or coffee at all.hate the choc shake hot.been having a cup of hot water(thrilling)to warm me up.
been brave and got the chicken soup again just for the heat.

not in best of moods either as we were told yesterday that my sons nut allergy has gotten worse and he's also developed a sesame allergy on top!
just picked him up from after school detention too for fighting(brilliant!).

i can only drink the choc shake and i'm getting mega bored now.
no way am i packing it in though.

as daniel beddingfield once sang--"i've gotta get through this".
its defo the only way i can lose weight successfully.
i am planning on staying on LT til first week in december but will be moving house the week before so not sure if i should refeed a little earlier so i've a bit more energy for all that packing and lifting.what do you think?
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Honey - do what feels best! If you feel like you want to refeed before moving then go for it. Atleast if you do you will give yourself longer so will be a little more prepared for the holidays :)

Re your son - shame about his allergies :( But boys will be boys fighting hey! :giggle:

And well done on your 2lb loss :) Thats 16 sausages!!! hehe

I only drink the choc shake too but i love it with ice cold water!

And for the past week have really gotten into black coffee! I make it very weak with 4 sweetners in a big thermal flask and have it throughout the day as the flask i have keeps it hot for a good 6 hours. Try it chick - you never know :) xxx
i'm only on the chocolate shakes too!! well done hun, you're doing so well!! see how you feel nearer the time about the refeed - you may need more energy for the moving but you may have it by then anyway from the weight that will come off between now and then!

i'm a big fan of the black coffee - dont have sweeteners tho - hardcore! but it really helps warm you up! like tan says, give it a go xxx


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i honestly can't!
i'm nearly sick at even the smell of coffee.

think i'm gonna have to get out the themals and gloves instead!

thanks for the tips ladies x


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Well done on your weight loss. Shame about not liking coffee. I have vanilla shake hot with coffee and love it, I also add coffee to the hot choc shake. Believe me though I hated coffee and the smell of it before LT it's not something I would drink.

irish molly

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Poor pet you sound a bit down in the dumps. Can share your problem with the shakes. Lately, I have started to hate all of them. I have never been a great tea or coffee drinker and like it less without milk. Some days I am so fed up of water but I keep it in litre bottles and keep sipping and find it helps to do it that way. Chin up dear, and keep at it. Maybe refeed before the move as it may makes thing easier for you but don't worry about it just yet and make your mind up later in November.
hey hun, well done on ur loss.
i dont drink tea or coffee either so having nothing warm at the moment..
sorry to hear about ur sons allergies. my daughter is allergic to cats and today was diagnosed with asthma after having a really bad attach this morning. kids cause so much worry.
dunno about refeed, prob be wise to start the week before so ur energy is up.
x x
Well done! That's still a good loss!

I've found the water harder this week too - I think partly the cold & also since I was ill last week the shakes & water just seem to taste a lot worse, ack! Just think we've got to push through it! I bought some thermal tights from M&S the other day & am wearing them under my jeans (sexy) & it's definitely helping!

I don't know about the move - I haven't had much energy on LT, but, have been decorating my room, shifting big furniture & stupidly heavy boxes the last few weeks & it seems to have brought me out of my lethargy a bit. But, it really does depend how much energy you feel you have? But then, I'm trying to put off re-feed for as long as possible, so don't listen to me, hehe!

Hey hun,

well done! 4 packs of lard gone foreverrrr! And when you look at it long-term, you've lost sooo much!

Sorry to hear about your son- it must be tough for you.

Re: Refeed- not sure hun, but like you say, it may be better to come off a bit earlier so you've got plenty of energy- sure the move will be pretty exhausting.


Jo! Missed you sexy Mama.

Another load of sausages gone! Are you still measuring the inches? Still twisting on the vibro?

OMG the cold is driving me insane! It's awful. Hands and feet constantly freezing. I too hate tea and coffee (the smell of coffee makes me heave) so no hot drinks for me also. I have to have my water and shakes icy cold. Everytime I drink, it send shivers down my spine and takes me ages to warm up again. So I know exactly where you're coming from.

I applaud your bravery because I couldn't touch the chicken soup again if my life depended on it. I was so sick last time. I found it horrendous. Saying that aren't our tastes meant to change during this? Maybe I'll like it now.

Aww sorry to hear about Morgan's allergies. That must be so stressful as you have to watch everything that goes into his mouth. Poor thing :( Ooops boys will be boys. He must have had a good reason to lash out (I know it doesn't excuse it) Was he standing up for himself?

I too only now drink the choc. Everything else was boring me. Why not try a vanilla or strawberry, maybe your tastebuds have changed?

Haha at Daniel Beddingfield reference (I loved that song) My opinion is that you should stick to your original plan of refeed but it's up to you and how you feel. Have you had plenty of energy on LT? If you think you have enough then stick to the plan of the first week in December. I'll miss you when you move over to the dark side and start eating :(


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