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Week 10 WI


Never Ever Give Up!
Just got back from the pharmacist and only lost 1.5lbs. On the bright side, I'm still losing weight, on the sad side, not sure whether my body's telling me I'm reaching the weight it thinks I should weigh or I'm getting into totm as I've started getting migraines again. Well, I'm not dispaired (just a little disappointed as my ketones levels are high) and we're staying on for another week :)

Oops, not week 10 WI but week 9. Having a blonde moment here :):):)
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Dont despair Mirjam - remember thats 1.5 pounds of icky fat gone forever. You are doing great xx


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Its all in the right direction and thats all that matters!! Stick with it and more will come off, all those lbs will add up no matter how small a loss!!!
You have done amazingly well to get to week 9, so keep up the good work and they will be dropping again :)


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks guys, it's nice to hear some encouraging words from fellow "losers" :) xxx
I find low weeks a bit disheartening too but I've come to realise that even if it is a 'smaller' week, off is so much better than on :) - well done so far!! xx

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Never Ever Give Up!
I agree Jewel! Looking at how much I've lost in 9 weeks, it's almost half of what I want to lose so that's pretty darn good! :D:D:D
Dnt be disheartened! ur doing great, overall u have lost 37.5lbs THATS AMAZING!! :)

Any loss is good loss you just need to stand back and see the bigger picture and how far u've come!! Its no easy thing


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks fat bridesmaid, I do see the overall picture but am very impatient and wanna lose as much as possible as soon as possible lol x
Btw, why are you calling yourself "fat bridesmaid"? You're not fat!
I know what you mean its nice to see your hardwork paying off quickly its a great motivation lol

Im Fat bridesmaid because although Im not obese I am over weight for my height and I seem to carry all my weight on my stomach :( I have Quite skinny legs, arms and little boobs lol but Im a size 16 in waist so Im all out of proportion which makes me look like a short fat troll! lol Plus Im the youngest of 4 and both my sisters weigh no more than 8 and a half stone and as my one sister has asked me to be her bridesmaid next year I dnt want to be the stumpy little bridesmaid stood next to my SuPeR sKiNnY sister especially cuz Im the "little" sister, have been teased all my life about my weight and how Im the "odd one out" with my brothers n sisters. Not really intrested in being stick thin but would like an even body shape and a flat tummy :)

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I know the weeks when you only have a small loss can be demotivating but I'm sure you'll make it up in the next week or so. You are doing really well. Keep it up.


Never Ever Give Up!
I know where you're coming from fat bridesmaid, I can understand that you want to lose weight. Am sure you will look very nice and slim next to the other bridesmaids! :D x
Thanks Mirjam I hope so too :)


Never Ever Give Up!
well done Mirjam your doing great, 1.5lbs is still 1.5lbs less you have to lose to get to your goal. Your doing great keep up the fantastic work :) x


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Chuck :) x

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