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Week 10 WOOHOO break the 50lb barrier

Well done Mark, that's just awesome!
I bet you are feeling really great?
Thank you ladies, I do feel good and it keeps getting better:) I will make sure I have Sweetners to hand lol :)


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Congratulations and well done Mark that is awesome weight loss in ten weeks!:happy096:
Well, well done. What a fantastic achievement, I only hope I do as well, an inspiration. Cheers and Congratulations. The people on this forum keep me going and help spur me on. I wouldnt have reached day 9 even only for it, sorry Im on Day 10, wow!!! Thats an achievement for me but seeing other people stick to it for weeks on end makes me think I might do it. HERES HOPING AND iLL SAY IT AGAIN, ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC TO GUY ABOVE.
Well done you are an inspiration to all and its spured me to get on the wii fit !!:p xx


Just keep swimming ...
That's amazing Mark. :eek: Well done.
Are you exercising too?

Hi Janey and thanks, I have been exercising but nothing excessive spending more time walking and doing general things with my daughter more walks in parks and things but just this week I have been told to moderate my exercise cos of issues im having with my knee. Just typical I will see pyshio and he will say yoou need to loose weight and I will say to loose weight I need the use of my knee Catch 22 I guess lol


Just keep swimming ...
Thanks for reply Mark.
I'm trying to take dog for more walks at the moment (instead of forcing kids to do it) but apart from that I've not done much more because my pharmacist said not to do much more.
However I was thinking about joining the gym to do some toning exercise as I dont want to be left with big wobbly bingo arms!!

I see that your 6ft (like me). The one problem with being tall is that losing weight isn't as rapidly noticable on us as it is on shorter people. If some one I work with loses a stone, they tend to drop at least one dress size, but it can take me 2 stone to drop a dress size.(It works the other way to I suppose, as i can gain a stone and still fit into the same clothes) How noticable have you found the weight loss? And when did others start noticing you'd lost weight?
well most of my weight was around my belly so after first stone it was quite noticeable also everyone says how my more neck I have and less chins lol my wist how ever has only gone down 2 sizes for all the weight I have lost but its nice now my belly is smaller than my chest :)


Just keep swimming ...
Thanks Mark.
I'm noticing losing weight in the oddest of places (my Pandora bracelet is now very loose on me), but I too am lossing it around the middle (thankfully).
My biggest problem is the weight around my hips (a girl problem I know). It just doesnt shift at the same rate as every where else. so its a long road ahead for me and my hips, so I'm just repeating Dory's mantra (the little blue fish from Finding Nimo) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

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